Top 10 Happy Pills of Teachers in DepEd

Top 10 Happy Pills of Teachers in DepEd

Teachers do have their own happy pills. Teaching is never an easy job and it requires effort and perseverance. Most teachers find their own happy pills in their own comfort to forget about the stress of work.

Here are the Top 10 Happy Pills of Teachers in DepEd that usually worked a lot for the many.

1. Foodie is life.

A way to a teacher’s heart is through her stomach. You may call it stress eating but it is the reality in almost all schools. Teachers get together through food. It is food that connects every busy teacher in a school. Food has the ability to heal a teacher’s tired mind.

2. Chit-chat with friends.

Even though school works and responsibilities are that huge, still teachers can do it. It is because in every school, teachers have circle of friends whom they can turn to whenever they need each other. Good work relationship with colleagues can be very helpful all the time.

3. Waiting for the bonus.

This pill makes a teacher smile from ear to ear. As teachers are having hard time budgeting their salaries, these small bonuses help.

4. Summer Vacation and Christmas Vacation.

A little break from the workplace means a lot to every teacher. This means a little time will be spend for the family. Vacations will ease the stress away and will freshen up the minds of our teachers.

5. School Gatherings.

Gatherings can be of help to teachers who needs socialization. In order for a teacher to grow well in her field, gatherings and invitations are relevant.

6. Team Building/Tour.

This is the exciting part of being a teacher. Team buildings are sometimes held by schools to freshen up the teachers from their work.

7. Adventures and Travel.

Nature adventures are great and travels are the best pill teachers have. It is important to give time to be with nature as well. To travel is one of the best feeling a teacher can have and experience.

8. Family is Love.

Other than everything in this world, only the love from the family is the best pill for a tired soul.

9. Student’s Achievements.

Teachers are always the first person to be happy whenever students achieve something. This will give them happiness upon seeing how their precious students do well.

10. Promotion and accomplishments.

Talk about all you want, but nothing beats the feeling of completeness in promotions. This is the best accomplishment and a happy pill for every teacher out there. – Clea | Helpline PH