Top 10 guaranteed problems of teachers in the first week of face to face classes this SY 2022-2023

Top 10 guaranteed problems of teachers in the first week of face to face classes this SY 2022-2023

What are the guaranteed problems of teachers they encounter in the face to face classes? Teachers are now having common problems and we are going to name them all.

Here are top 10 guaranteed problems of teachers in the face to face classes kick-off:

1. Hoarse Voice

This is the first guaranteed problem of teachers nationwide. After doing straight lessons for a week, teachers can’t even speak due to “paos” of hoarse voice. This is because teachers did not get to use their voice for two years period.

2. Full-packed class schedule

One of the guaranteed problems of teachers is the class schedule. In most areas where classrooms are rare due to typhoon Odette, this is the scenario. The schedules of teachers are full-packed straight discussion. 

3. Learners characteristics

Teachers need to adjust to the acquired new characteristics of the students. The two years of having modular learning seem to affect their behavior as well.

4. Number of learners 

Number of learners need to get adjusted in every classroom to fit the Covid protocols. For schools that have few classrooms, this is the problem. The number of learners versus the number of classrooms.

5. Lesson competencies

Teachers need to follow their lesson competencies despite the new schedule. This creates tense for the teachers with many competencies to achieve.

6. Snack break

Some schools don’t operate their canteen and cafeteria as of the present. Students need to go outside the school to buy their snacks.

7. Stress and exhaustion

After a long tiring day, teachers get exhausted and stressed. The adjustment is very evident.

8. Lesson preparation

The preparation of the lessons adds up to the guaranteed problems of teachers. Some schools ask their teachers to provide a whole week complete lesson log. 

9. Immediate Reports

Immediate reports never stops in the system and teachers need to do it right then and there.

10. Weather

The weather adds up to the problems. We can never predict the weather at present. In the morning under the heat of the rough sun, it will rain. The students and teachers get to be sick due to weathers like this. – Alec | Helpline PH

5 thoughts on “Top 10 guaranteed problems of teachers in the first week of face to face classes this SY 2022-2023”

  1. Arlene P. Dequiña

    My number one problem in my class is the attitude of the pupils,they are very naughty they never heard you.

  2. Daisy T. Rizafa

    1.Water connection in the ground floor cannot reach the second floor and third floor in the new Junior High School Building.The advisers cannot fully utilize their assigned comfort room for if the students use the feces will stuck ,not flushed and no water that can flush on and they close because no water can be use in cleaning.The adviser need to secure water tub… and it should be fixed.
    2.The new ceiling in the JHS building third floor has holes that when there is heavy rain ,water flows in the stairs in left side wing dangerous for learners to go downstairs or uptairs despite its newness yet being repaired already.
    3.No internet in school, unable to pay the internet bill.
    4. Some learners were unable to eat their breakfast the canteen is not operational.Teachers have many tasks and most refuse to watch the canteen due to teacher-related duties, the canteen should be rented as school income generating project for other needs.
    5.Full time librarian should be non teaching personnel.

  3. Terry Sy Reselosa

    Lack of chairs if we start regular classes like 40 – 43 pupils

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