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Teachers are waiting for DepEd’s quick but sure move on the GSIS refinement in 2023

Teachers are waiting for DepEd’s quick but sure move on the GSIS refinement in 2023

Teachers are waiting for the GSIS refinement in the next year to come as VP Sara made sure she will take action. What does “refinement” signify? It means total heavy polishing and cleaning of impurities in GSIS. It means to give teachers and their clientele the most valuable services. To give their clients hard copies of their accounts with proper computations. This must include all the entries for transparency purposes.

GSIS refinement is very important for compliance as quick as possible. Teachers are already tired of their services, and it is now time to ask what is due to them. VP Sara already gave her assurance to teachers that she will polish GSIS during her reign. This alone gave teachers hope that sooner or later they will gain access to what was long due to them.

The time spent in waiting will be worth it if GSIS refinement will push through as soon as possible. This time, teachers will no longer suffer from lack of proper services. They will retire with a light hearty because they know that they will transact as easy as they want. Active members will access their accounts and gain full management of their accounts.

GSIS refinement should take its full implementation in 2023 the soonest. Government workers, pensioners and all active members of GSIS share the same problems. If the GSIS refinement will push through, these employees will not struggle anymore. Teachers are the greatest number of workers GSIS serve, so they must see to it they do well.

As of the moment, it is still unsure what the next move of DepEd will be. As clients of GSIS, a real refinement and change in the GSIS system is a dire need. If GSIS won’t act on this, then teachers will urge DepEd to transfer their contributions.Avril | Helpline PH