Funny yet honest realizations of parents on the face to face classes this school year 2022-2023

Funny yet honest realizations of parents on the face to face classes this school year 2022-2023

Here are some funny yet honest realizations of parents with the return of the face to face classes. We can still remember the very first day when the pandemic took a toll in our lives. This moved us and our students to make all the adjustments in learning.

Now, it has been at least 2 years and the pandemic is still around. Although we can see some things are going back to normal step by step. One move at a time with little steps every activity we have in mind.

In connection to this, I have an encounter during my travel last two weeks ago. I rode on a bus from the school going home and I happen to sit together with two moms. They were talking about the face to face classes of their children next school year. They have funny yet honest realizations about it.

Here are some of those funny yet honest realizations:

  • Mothers will miss their children’s presence when they go back to school. 

The presence of their children for at least two years will leave a blank upon their absence. By next school year, all students will return back to school and the moms will be alone again in their home.

  • Stay home mommies will get bored because they don’t have modules to take care anymore (lol).

The two-year modular learning kept the parents busy in helping their children. When the face to face classes will return to normal next school year, parents will miss it.

  • The house would be empty again since the kids will return to school after two years of learning at home.

Most moms are the ones who will be lonely since they are the ones always at home with their children.

  • The fathers of the family will have to double their efforts to find enough money to support them.

The fathers of each family will have to find ways and means to give their children a good start for the classes. 

These are some of the funny yet honest realizations of parents as the nest school year is near. All we can look forward to is the positivity that the next school year will be peaceful and smooth. In this way parents, students and teachers will have nothing to worry about. – Clea | Helpline PH