Top 5 expectations on the incoming face to face classes in 2022

Top 5 expectations on the incoming face to face classes in 2022

The face-to-face classes is coming near as soon as the cases of Covid is deteriorating. Students are exciting themselves on the possible face to face classes in 2022. Teachers do have mixed emotions since they don’t know what will happen.

Here are the Top 5 Expectations on the Incoming Face to Face Classes in 2022:

1. Teachers will have difficulties in attending to their students without proper plan.

The ratio of the teacher to the students matters a lot in this situation. If each teacher has more than 50 students in one classroom setting, how could the teacher attend to them all? This will be a very big problem and challenge to the public schools. (I will take myself as an example for this. I usually have 50 to 55 students. It will be hard for me to address to them all at once.)

2. Teachers will have to double their effort in administering their lessons.

Yes of course! Since students have stayed 2 school years at home answering only modules. The very reason why a teacher should go back to basics from scratch. Imagine the Grade 9 students being grade 9 without being Grade 7 in a real classroom set-up? For sure their mentality will be that of their previous level which is Grade 6. So, there are a lot of things a teacher must make to fill-in the gaps.

3. Students will be very excited to go to school since it has been two school years since they stayed at home.

The excitement of the students will cause chaos and confusion in class. As we all know, students will be students and we can’t control them if we want to especially with the trends we have.

4. There will be negative and positive results in each different school.

For sure, each school will have their own struggles to make in the near face to face classes. From the planning, preparation to the implementation of classes. This will be a real challenge for all.

5. If the virus is still around and not contain, the possibility that some students will fall victim to it.

This is the worst case scenario that will happen. This is real-talk. We are not anticipating for this to happen but if the government is not careful about it, and then it will happen.

These are some of the most possible expectations to happen if the face to face classes will push through. Yet, face to face classes should be well prepared. We can’t risk our students in this kind of situation. We all need to pray that the pandemic will now be contained and our country be Covid free at last. – Clea | Helpline PH