Extraordinary teachers turned entrepreneurs

Extraordinary teachers turned entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs of today are extraordinary teachers in profession. They are the best in their field and they are the most important members of the society. Teachers are the bridge that connects the future of our students.

In the past years, teachers focus on the welfare and well-being of their students alone. In short, teachers are only confined in the four walls of the classroom. Their only function is to educate young minds and guide them to a better future. That was before, when teachers are still traditional.

Recently, people of all profession come outside of their shells. Teachers are of no exception to this trend. The latest in today’s generation is business. People trying to be entrepreneurs in both little and big phases. Teachers as well are trying their luck in the business world trying to be entrepreneurs. Well, there is actually no harm in doing something extra as long as you learn from it and you enjoy it.

Here are some examples of some small businesses these extraordinary teachers indulge into:

  • Selling gold and other jewelries and posting it on social media/online platforms
  • Selling loads (prepaid/postpaid)
  • Cooking/baking/selling food
  • Small business like piggery (letsonan)
  • Selling various items/products (sari-sari) on the internet
  • Selling services (talents/skills eg. singer or make-up artist or host)
  • Milk tea store
  • Selling clothing materials (eg. new uniform cloth)
  • RTW, ukay-ukay or even lingerie
  • Selling slippers, sandals etc.
  • Investing in stock market, brokerage
  • Other teachers even do networking, a risky one
  • Some become bloggers, vloggers, youtubers and online sensations
  • Others do content writing
  • Finance business (pahulugan with interest) to other co-teachers

Those mentioned above are the famous “diskarte/raket” of most extraordinary teachers. Of course, they do these during their spare time and on weekends. This situation implies that teachers have financial problems so they try other means. Actually, these are also applicable to all other professions out there. In order to survive, we need to be wiser especially with the pandemic we have. – Clea | Helpline PH