Teachers Crave for Extra Income Online

Teachers Crave for Extra Income Online

Teachers are people who crave for extra income online. Yes, you heard it right! Teachers are dependent on their monthly salary and it is not a secret that they are struggling. Teachers have more than one or two loans and even debts form other people.

I myself is a teacher and I can vouch the truth on this issue. We struggle a lot in financial aspects especially when Covid is still lurking around. We don’t have a choice except to avail of loans for our family. Crazy but true and it is the truth that all teachers can relate. To cope up with the recent hardship, we look for ways to gain extra money. We crave for extra income online or even direct selling. We don’t wait for our salary to come every month since the net pay is not anymore exciting.

To give you a hint of how we do it, here a few of the extra income online that teachers usually do:

Become an online seller

Some teachers order form Shoppe and Lazada in bulks. They sell their items online in a higher price. Other online selling products include vitamins, beauty products and many more.


Teachers nowadays resort to vlogging/blogging. YouTube videos and contents pays a lot to those content creators.

Trading in crypto-currency/forex/etc.

Some teachers indulge in stock market and crypto-currency trading. This is the newest form of investment online where you are your boss.

Online networking

There are many platforms that are on the field of networking.

Typing jobs

These typing jobs takes time to pay and it is only a passive income to those who try it.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is another option to raise income. There are many tutoring companies that offer jobs in your most convenient time.


Online transcriptions are difficult if you don’t have any background on how to do it. Somehow, earning passive income is okay.

These are the most online jobs that are best for teachers since they have to duty at daytime. Their only free time is during the working hours and on the weekends. Usually, these online platforms take time to earn money but it is a passive income so it is better than nothing. – Clea | Helpline PH