5 types of impressive entrepreneur teachers

Have you ever heard of entrepreneur teachers in DepEd? Well, I guess you have encountered them in your own schools. Every school/campus must have at least two or more of them. They are those teachers who spend their spare time/vacant time doing extra income. They are those who are not afraid to take risk when it comes to doing small business.

In the public schools, a teacher’s compensation is usually very tight to budget. The salary comes once monthly and since human as we are, we need to eat three times a day, so we need to spend to survive. This is the reason why teachers divulge themselves into looking for extra income. This article will introduce the 5 types of impressive entrepreneur teachers.

1. The Online/Offline MLMs

These types of teachers are those who believed in the power of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). They are those who are good at convincing prospects to join their teams. They are those who are members of the networking companies. They are not afraid to lose their capitals (even if it is a scam). Some teachers are lucky in this field and many failed as well. There are legit MLM companies out there so if you are willing to join any, make a wide research first.

2. The Direct Sellers

This type of entrepreneur teachers hold on to direct selling of products. May it be wellness and beauty products, vitamins and many others. Example of these direct selling companies are AVON, PC, MSE, NATASHA and many more. I prefer this type of extra income since they are legit and can actually earn extra.

3. The Financers

These types of teachers are those who lend money with an interest to other people. They are the first options of the other teachers in times of need. These teachers are very good in computation and are very good in rolling the money to grow.

4. The Foodiepreneurs

These teachers love food at the most as they also use food as the source of their extra income. They cook any kinds of food and post it online to look for buyers. People love food the most so most teachers in this extra business do well.

5. The RTW teachers

These teachers are the walking ukay-ukay and they love to sell different RTW stuffs. They know how to look for good materials and they sell it to others in bulk.

Well, there are many teachers nowadays who entered business and not all are lucky to boom. The only thing that matters to these business-minded teachers is how to earn extra money. These entrepreneur teachers are good in dealing and calculating profit and loss. These types of entrepreneur teachers can share more knowledge with their students. It’s okay to do extra business inside the premises of the school. As long as it will not affect the performance of a certain teacher, then it’s good to go. – Clea | Helpline PH