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Worst cases of entitled students that are signs for a system change in the public schools this 2022

Worst cases of entitled students that are signs for a system change in the public schools this 2022

Entitled students are the trend in the public schools at this moment. This is one of the major worries of our teachers nowadays since the start of the face-to-face classes. Students are now very different compared before the two-year modular learning. DepEd must put an end to this craziness with the help of all school stakeholders.

Here are some of the worst cases of entitled students this 2022:

Students who don’t seem to care for their grades because they feel their teachers will never fail.

Entitled students feel at ease and they don’t work hard anymore. This is because they believed their teachers won’t fail them. DepEd should work on this matter. The greatest answer to this problem is to return the old curriculum back to where it belonged. If a student is due to fail, let him be. For old times’ sake, this was the most efficient discipline for the students. 

Students who post any conversations from their group chats to social media.

Some entitled students are not afraid to post any confidential information. They thought that social media can help them with everything. Sometimes, teachers fall victims to this kind of students.

There are students who are filming their teachers in secret and sending it to their group chat for fun.

Entitled students found it funny to post their teacher’s faces on their group chats and make fun of it. This is the latest batch of students we have. The students who do not know the proper manners and conduct inside the school. 

A disciplinary act by a teacher will turn into a nightmare when students will overreact to it.

Every time a teacher imposes a disciplinary action, some students complain to it. This is the result of too much pampering of these students nowadays. If only DepEd saw this problem then any intervention is a help. We all should stop this madness before it is too late for us all. – Avril | Helpline PH