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Social media suck up the Philippine educational system the reason why students fail their teachers and parents

Social media suck up the Philippine educational system the reason why students fail their teachers and parents

How important is social media in the educational system of the Philippines? Generation Z or the millennials will always say that social media is very important to them. The best sentence is internet is important to them but not social media. Internet and social media are two different things but many get confused by it.

First, we all could live even without the internet but when the internet was born, the lives of the people change. We can’t deny the big help of the internet to our lives as we continue surviving. Then, here comes SocMed where everything is an open book. Then, the students get a hold of it and voila! The students are now hooked up with social media that they can’t focus on their studies well.

Social media is sucking up the lives of our students right now. Even the parents nor the teachers can’t control it. Too much use of the SocMed by the students created many negative consequences. This is further initiated during the two years of pandemic. The modular learning created a huge gap between the learners and the teachers. The truth is that, students don’t care about the modules at all. They went on to internet and search everything then copy paste their answers. Most of the times, their parents answer their modules for them. So, do you think they learn from it? The answer is a BIG NO.

The use of too much social media affected our learners big time. This is the reason why they are now failing their parents and teachers. They can’t concentrate in class because of cellphones, because of SocMed. They neglect to learn what is the right thing to do because of the influence of social media. They don’t respect their parents or teachers anymore. Our students are now very different. They follow everything on SocMed and this is going to be a tough rollercoaster ride.

So, how can DepEd help the teachers and parents solve this major problem? This is now a hanging question for everybody. Poor generation, lost in the presence of SocMed. – Avril | Helpline PH