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Teachers are happy with the early Christmas break for public schools

Teachers are happy with the early Christmas break for public schools

The early Christmas break in the public schools earned positive points from teachers. To reminisce the last years when the usual break falls every 21 or 22 of the month, now it is as early as December 19.

Teachers are happy with this news as they can spend more time with their families and friends. The early Christmas break will be the best time to rejuvenate from the exhaustion. This will be the time where teachers can spend quality time anywhere, they want to.

This early Christmas break will not only give teachers ample time to relax but give them peace of mind as well. With all the commotions and work-related stress, this is the best time to heal the soul. Aside from that, Christmas celebration will be a joyous merriment for all.

DepEd is now trying to feel the vibes of their teachers. This early Christmas break will always mark the happiness of the season. No wonder teachers can also feel the season even on simple celebrations ahead.

Early Christmas break for teachers means happiness, relaxation, love, bonding and many more. With the several days they will spend with their loved ones, it will for sure be a memorable one. Aside from this, students as well will be happy.

It is not only our teachers who will become happy with the early Christmas break in DepEd. The students and parents too will be happy as well.

Students can send more time with their families. Other than that parents will no longer have to worry the provisions they need to give their children.

The early Christmas break in DepEd will be the start of the leaders promises to teachers. This is the starting point of the promises they had before they were in their positions. Teachers are hopeful that this will continue in the next year to come. With all hopes teachers are very grateful.