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Is it smart to finish a doctorate degree while teaching in the public school?

Is it smart to finish a doctorate degree while teaching in the public school?

Teachers in the public schools are now trying to fight for their way to promotions. It is as if it is a trend recently that if you are an education graduate, you need to take Master’s Degree. If you are a teacher aiming high for promotion that early, you need to finish you master’s degree early as well. If your aim is much higher then you have to be a Doctor of Philosophy.

Well, I only know that this is very much applicable if you are teaching in the universities. You need to be a full fledge master’s degree holder in the state universities or else you will not be permanent. This is their ticket to being a permanent instructor in the state universities.

In DepEd, the scenario is different. For me, it is not smart enough to hurry in your career since there is a slower version of promotion in the public. Yes, you graduated your master’s and doctor’s degree but in the long run, you are still stuck as Teacher 3. Your salary is even lower than those SHS teachers hired because they are DOST scholars.

It takes many years for a plain T1 in DepEd to apply for promotion even with all the achievements. Unlike in the state universities that promotion is easy as long as you are capable and you deserve it. There is no seniority in the state universities, as long as you have all the necessary skills.

I realized that being a doctor of philosophy in the public won’t matter at all. You have the slightest chance of advancing yourself. You either wait for an item or seek help from friends in the position to back you up. Many teachers in the public schools end up retiring as Teacher 1. If the status of the system will change, there will be more capable teachers who need promotion.

It is not wrong to aim high, but as for me, I will do it one step at a time. I will never push myself to the edge because I know for sure that the edge will never put me in a position that early. Do not hurry yourselves because the more you hurry, the more instance of failure. Try going with the flow and you will be alright. – Clea | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “Is it smart to finish a doctorate degree while teaching in the public school?”

  1. As applicant for promotion it is an advantage if you graduated doctorate degree(25 points) MA(15 points) but that is not the only category to earn points. You need innovation, outstanding performance, service record, publication, training, research and speakership that sums up the pointing system.

    1. The higher educational attainment is heard th emore chance for promotion esp. it basic qualification is met, and having higher point on Leadership… Pursuing higher education is not only for promotion but refreshing our knowledge of what we have learned before. Updating our self of the new trends and issues in education for us to know what, why, and how.

  2. Im a public school teacher and gusto ko hindi maniwala .
    But when the writer compared DepEd with CHED , knowing the cited culture difference and the huge gap between the salary grades, I am afraid to say “Pwede” .

    Dont get her/him wrong. Opinion ito ng writer. And may gnagawa kasi akong educational research nakaraan, itong claims mo ay big help sana .

    Lastly gusto ko sabihin s mga makakabasa nito na mag-aral tayong lahat. 6yrs in teaching,but sasali na ako this month sa district ranking namin for MTI . Not bragging ,but I wanted to say na para saan na naging guro tayo pero ayaw nating i-promote ang kasipagan sa pag-aaral. Mabuhay tayong lahat.

  3. It is best go grow where you are planted… it is best to fullfill what are expected for everything you do, you will always reap the success later on… no one could help one’s self but himself.. so better do the best!

  4. I am a Principal 1 of Dalid Integrated School Tabuelan District, Cebu Province 52 years old still aiming to be more in accordance of Gods Will. I am enrolled in my Doctoral Degree at CTU. What I always instill in my mind that learning is a continuous process. So I advice to all teachers in the public or private school don’t stop aim high and hit the mark.

  5. A doctorate degree is not only for promotion, it is also a way of upgrading yourselves to be more competent in your chosen field, so if you have a chance to go higher, why not? education is a continuous process.

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