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Differences between State Universities and Deped in Promotion

State Universities and Deped in Promotion

More teacher applicants opt to apply in DepEd because of security of tenure. Nothing do they know that it is more likable and assured to work in the state colleges/universities.

Promotion in the state colleges/universities is more advanced and clear. It is also a big thing that will lift the spirit of a faculty member to excel. DepEd’s process in promotion is way too different and by far very burdensome.

Here are the list of differences between these two with regards to promotion:

1. Ranking/Hiring Process

It is more transparent in the state universities compared to DepEd in ranking/hiring. In state universities there are at least 10-15 but not more than 20 applicants in one ranking setting. If you got all the nerves and papers needed then you are set and expect to be in the higher rank. In DepEd, you got to see the very long rank list of applicants more than 100 in a row per subject. You don’t stand a chance if you are in the lower rank but sometimes there are those overstepping of ranks. Some applicants in the low rank get a position first compared to those on top. Experience it for yourself so you will know.

2. Years in Service

Your years in service matters most in the state universities. They have this loyalty award if a faculty reaches 5 years, 10 years and so on. There is a corresponding amount to every years you are in service. I didn’t get to observe that in DepEd though.

3. Age of Promotion

It is very unlikely for you to not be in a high position if you are in a state university or college and you are quite old. Most of the time state universities urge their faculty to get Master’s Degree. Most of their faculty members are masters and doctors so all must have positions in the campus. In DepEd, there are those who retire that are still Teacher I. DepEd regrets to urge their teachers to level up.

4. Accomplishments

The more accomplishments you achieve, the more the possibility for a brighter career. This is true in the state universities. No one is going to pull you down if you are fast and quick to learn and has got all what it takes to be in the position. It is how it works in the state universities. In DepEd, it is so frustrating. No matter how you gather all your accomplishments if there is no vacant item then there is no promotion. If you have no principal to back you up then you will rot in your current item.

5. Seniority

In state universities, the teachers respect their seniors very much. It doesn’t mean they will have to step back for their seniors to get the promotion first. It’s either “what you sow is what you reap” system in the state universities. The seniors will not be mad or hold you back if you insist to apply on higher positions. It does not bother them because they know if you apply for it then you have all the guts and the needed papers to do it. It is very opposite in DepEd. You will have to wait for the seniors to upgrade first before you do. There is much “crab mentality” running around the school before you take the position. No offense, it is the truth.

6. Professional Growth and Development

State universities offer scholarships to their faculty members. Later on these scholar faculties will be of help to university. They also send faculty members for seminars inside and outside the country. There is a university fund intended for this. DepEd in not like that. They left their teachers without giving them the experience to upscale their skills. The teachers only depend on re-echo seminars from the principals or master teachers. There is no funding for teacher’s progress that’s why teachers are stagnant in some ways.

7. Bulk of Works

In the state universities, bulk of works is legendary to them. One person has many auxiliary designations. There is nothing to worry because they can use it during promotions. The higher your position is the many your works are. In DepEd, teachers have more work but are not well credited. The salary is the same and only those who are in the higher positions get the credit.

8. Professionalism of Colleagues

Professionalism is very clear in the state universities. The faculty members practice respect and camaraderie among colleagues regardless of the position. In DepEd, there are more instances when teachers are not practicing professionalism. It is very different when teachers argue with each other and act like students.

9. Nature of Students

College students are way more mature than of those in high school. In state universities, teachers are only facilitators of learning. In DepEd, teachers are everything to their students. Teachers in DepEd more of spoon feed their learners. Then teachers are to blame in the rise of any problems. Teacher factor it is for every single teacher.

Most of these on the list are based on my own experience in the university and in DepEd. This may not be true to all because one’s experience differs from another. I can only say that most of what I write are true to almost all. To be practical enough it doesn’t matter we belong right now. As long as we have a work to give food on our tables then we learn to appreciate everything. – Clea | Helpline PH