Cooperation Instead of Criticizing DepEd Would Be Better

Cooperation Instead of Criticizing DepEd Would Be Better

A lot has been said and done during this pandemic. Meetings after meetings and plans have been put in place. The people and our government are concerned that our resources are not unlimited. People are facing uncertainties and insurmountable dilemmas especially the government. They are constantly seeking ways to alleviate our current situation.

Our government is not perfect but it is clear to see that many of them are working tirelessly on the problem we are currently facing. Battling a pandemic is not just a so-so job. Base on the latest information from, the total number of people infected with the Covid19 virus already reached up to 9,202,879 with the USA still taking the lead followed by Brazil. The Philippines currently ranked at #40 which is not a good sign. The more that we need to practice the approved safety measures to prevent the widespread of the deadly virus.

In our current situation, we have observed that many people are fearful of many things. Their job security, future, economic status, business, health, education, and many more. At this time people get too emotional and sometimes they can’t help it but find someone or something to absorb their frustrations. This is very much evident in the sector of Education or the Department of Education.

Parents and teachers are blaming DepEd for many things. An example is when the parents and even teachers criticize the Department of Education when the agency decided to open classes by August. They felt that DepEd is compromising the safety of their children. But DepEd clarified that there will be a very limited physical attendance during classes. The Department of Education explained that instead of physical attendance, students will continue to access education through blended learning.

Blended learning is a strategy proposed by DepEd to lessen or limit physical attendance to a great extent during the opening of classes. This is a combination of face to face, online, and printed modules. This strategy gained another lambast from the parents and even teachers as they complained that the students are not prepared for this kind of strategy since our internet connection is too slow and some can’t even afford laptops or gadgets needed for online classes.

Parents may have a point on this one, but the complaining constantly does not even solve the problem. As we have observed, many of us are constantly making a fuss about almost anything. We should remember that we can never control the actions of others but we can control ours. Finding fault in others because of our misery was never the solution. It is even adding difficulty to the problem. Instead of focusing our energy on the solution, some of our energy will be wasted because we have to deal with the complaints of parents and teachers.

So we have to ask ourselves, Will our disgust over the actions of DepEd solve the problem? It won’t. We can always express our concerns but putting all the blame in one department does not make any sense. Let us not forget that we belong to a developing country and that our sources are limited. We are not rich! If we exhaust all our remaining funds just because of public clamor then it will be the end of it.

Instead of fault-finding, it would be better to offer and find solutions in our little way. Unity is what we need now more than ever. This pandemic has caused paranoia to many of us but if we let our emotions take over our ability to think then it is game over for everyone. The best way to win this war is to think and find solutions. Let us refrain from blaming each other because if we are divided then we are more prone to lose in this battle. We should not give up on life. We need each other’s support. Let us win this battle! – Karie | Helpline PH