ALARMING TRUTH: DepEd Teachers are Breaking their Trust on the System and many wanted to Resign

ALARMING TRUTH: DepEd Teachers are Breaking their Trust on the System and many wanted to Resign

DepEd teachers are always known to be patient, loyal, workaholic and versatile. All-in-one package is the description we can call them ever since we learn from these good people. Even if time is changing and the learners do changed as well, these teachers remained as they were. Generations of teachers may come and go but the spirit they hold never change at all. 

Tired and stressed teacher in classroom

Yet, it seemed as today these DepEd teachers are starting to wear off. This is a very sad truth which in the same sense is also alarming. Many teachers complain about being underpaid yet their work is too much. The bulk of work adds up to all the stress they are dealing everyday.

Many teachers today are planning to resign from their current position. Most of them wanted to try their luck in other countries like Thailand, Japan and in other parts of the globe. This is too saddening to hear that it seemed that these teachers gave up already.

Most DepEd teachers think of it that way, but not all can push through because they do have loans still. Yet, they have the same complaint and that is teaching in their own country is not worth it. The salary opposed the efforts of the teachers. These teachers realized that their little increase is not even helping.

Tensed school teacher sitting with hand on forehead in classroom at school

If you try to look at the Facebook feeds, you will come up with teachers resigning post in different regions. It can’t be help and it is now happening. Your beloved teachers are drained from the bulk of work with less compensation.

As a teacher myself, I too is now feeling this since the start of classes. Not to mention, teachers are now the talk of the town in all social media posts. Students are acting strange after the two-year modular learning. Teachers getting the blame from everything. It is tiring to hear and exhausting as hell.

Being a DepEd teacher is my long dream but after experiencing it, I say I am doubting my actions before. The truth is that DepEd teachers are already tired and they are starting to give up on this battle. – Avril | Helpline PH