Many teachers resigned from their positions at present

Many teachers resigned from their positions at present

So, there are many teachers who resigned from their positions at present. I get to view the “My Day” of one of my closest college friend and a teacher as well today. She was trying to make a quick pose on some alleys in the U.S with her husband. I was shock to know that she actually resigned as a teacher already.

This is not the first time that my friends went abroad to find a greener pasture. I also have another teacher friend who went to Australia before Covid19 hits the world. She also resigned from her post as a teacher.

This is what I realized when I look back the number of my friends who gave up their long loved profession. My thoughts were running wild as well because I myself have also wanted to try my luck abroad like them

There are many reasons why teachers resigned from their positions but one reason is for sure. It is to earn more, to find a higher salary abroad. We all know that the salary of a teacher in our country cannot suffice the needs of the family. It is not enough to cover all the expenses and the tuitions of the children.

Sooner or later, we will lose many of our most skillful teachers. If our government can give what is due to teachers, then this won’t happen. Imagine that only the Philippines is one country that has the lowest salary in the ASEAN. 

If opportunities knock at our doors, for sure we will grab it. It is like with teachers as well. When opportunities to work abroad will be demanding, then it will be a goodbye. Teachers in other Asian countries like Thailand are way more promising. They said that in Thailand, if your wallet doesn’t have 10K baht then you are not a teacher. Thailand teachers posted it online. They always have money in their wallets.

We hope that our government will now give the teachers their plea for years. Let us not give another reason for teachers to leave our very own country for good. To those teachers who resigned from their positions to work abroad, you have a very good choice. After all, we work to survive, not survive to work. – Clea | Helpline PH

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  1. Jirbie Won

    Yes, I will also leave my profession someday not just merely for a greener pasture but to fully experience my job as a teacher. I am so happy working in the public school for 14 years. I don’t regret staying long. However, the amount of paper works does not anymore help me in my growth/development and I feel so backward with the trends today in teaching. I graduated from one of the best Universities in the country. During my application in the Department in 2008, I ranked no.4 overall among all majors in our Division, and I was no.1 in my major with only one year of experience. I am not trying to brag anything, I just wanted to say that I have what it takes as a teacher. I am currently an MT -1 and I’ll soon become an MT-II. The thought of it, does not anymore inspire me as a teacher, and it does not compel me to stay in my job because paper works do not anymore instill in me my purpose as a teacher. I don’t find meaning anymore attending to the documents that do not provide wisdom in me and allow me to share my passion as a teacher. We are bombarded with so many things, and at the end of the day, you don’t get to see their impact. Things that the higher ups always deny on the reason that everything is already paperless. Yes, it is true we are paperless, and a no because we still perform various clerical tasks. Indeed, we migrated to digital tasking. It is the present kind of paper works that disenfranchise us from our focus on teaching .The authorities, if indeed they care, should give us more time in the teaching engagement in the classroom and focus minimally on clerical tasks whether it’s in paper or digital platform. Even if I will be paid P80k per month, I will still leave my job because the love and time that I should provide to my learners are interrupted by clerical tasks. I love teaching because it is my passion. I am a competent teacher, and I should be in the classroom to teach.

  2. Emerito R. Custodio

    Yes exactly if the government fails to answers our plea just to increase our teachers salary for sure a lot of teachers will quit teaching in the Philippines to work abroad and teach there. Regarding myself I am also planning to teach abroad. I have a lot of friends who are now currently teaching abroad . They keep on telling me and motivate me to stop working in the Philippines because there in abroad you are fully compensated in terms of salary and benefits…Here in our country the salary of teachers cannot suffice all our basic needs especially if we have somebody to send in college education. Lastly this is the main reason that teachers are borbarded with variety of loans and I know that if we keep on working here in our country we can’t escape anymore the unending of salary loans. I hope and pray that whoever will win this incoming election especially the next president and the next batch of senators and congressmen please help us to raise our salary for us to stay forever teaching in our own land…..please please please Philippine government….

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