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Deped own insurance system in 2024 is essential and must be reliable

Deped own insurance system in 2024 is essential and must be reliable

DepEd own insurance system is a must. This has been the plea of the many teachers from all over the country. Teachers no longer wanted to tie their hard-earned money with GSIS. DepEd must create their own insurance system where it is reliable and transparent.

Why do teachers wanted to have DepEd own insurance system? If you observe, the workforce of teachers is the biggest in the country. In the previous years teachers were not able to study how their money go through. Teachers don’t like how GSIS roll their money.

Times pass by and teachers were no longer the traditional ones who only wait for their salary to come. Teachers now are keen and observant with how their hard-earned money works. From their payslip they know how their salaries go. It is time for a great change for the betterment of the teachers.

GSIS is one insurance system that worked for DepEd a very long time ago. Our traditional teachers can’t do something about the lapses in their benefits. Modern teachers heard rumors and bad experiences from GSIS already. This somehow prompted teachers to call for DepEd to have their own insurance system. In this case teachers can access and understand their insurance and benefits.

In one post I have read, teachers are calling DepEd to act on the matter. If other uniformed personnel do have their own insurance system, why can’t DepEd?

DepEd own insurance system is essential for the teachers. It will not only give them a source of help but also an assurance. Assurance that their money will not go to waste and that they can enjoy it after retirement.

This year will always be grateful if DepEd will push this. DepEd own insurance system will give teachers the happiness they deserve. – Alec | Helpline PH