Top 8 Legitimate List of DepEd Non-Teaching Positions that must be Provided in Every Huge Public School

Top 8 Legitimate List of DepEd Non-Teaching Positions that must be Provided in Every Huge Public School

DepEd non-teaching positions are vital in every huge public school. Providing each school with the proper line-up of non-teaching staff is of big help. Teachers will no longer complain here and there because of the bulk of work they have.

In most cases, public schools only delegate these non-teaching related job to teachers. This is the problem in DepEd that has always been there since the beginning. A designation in paper does not mean a teacher to be functional in the work he/she didn’t understand. Proper line-up of DepEd non-teaching positions should be available.

Here are the top 8 legitimate list of DepEd non-teaching positions that are a must:

1. Bookkeeper

Usually, bookkeepers are already provided in DepEd schools. They are the personnel trained to focus and track financial record of the school. Huge public school without a bookkeeper will have difficulty in financial processes. Salaries and wages and other financial matters are the main job of these brilliant minds. If your school doesn’t have a bookkeeper, it’s time to ask your principal to ask one from the division office.

2. Disbursing Officer

The disbursing officer should be the sidekick of the bookkeeper. Disbursing officers have the authority to pay out government funds. They are to settle government payables and obligations in cash or check. The disbursing officer and the bookkeeper should always work hand in hand for the school. 

3. Administrative Assistants

DepEd non-teaching positions will always include administrative assistants. They are responsible for the clerical and organizational task in each school. Let us say, they can help teachers big time in paperworks or not? 

4. School Nurse

Is a must in every huge school in DepEd. The usual practice in the public schools is to assign a teacher to be a school nurse instead of a real one. This is an addition to the actual job of a teacher assigned to be the school nurse. DepEd should provide schools with a real school nurse.

5. Psychologist

There was a time when DepEd hired psychologist in every school yet they also disappeared in no time. 

6. Supply Officer

This position should be filled-in in every public school. Don’t assign work to teachers that are not related to their forte. Real supply officers should be present.

7. BAC Chairman

Many principals assigned teachers as BAC chairman yet this work is full of issues. DepEd should provide real BAC officers/members to occupy the work. Teachers should not involve themselves in these complicated tasks. 

8. Budget Officer

This position is very important as this is the main culprit of the misunderstandings in schools. Without proper budgeting, there will be no proper distribution of funds in a school. This is how important DepEd non-teaching positions are in the public schools. – Alec | Helpline PH