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DepEd needs a change in 2023: 10 Conclusive things for a speedy start

DepEd needs a change in 2023: 10 Conclusive things for a speedy start

DepEd needs a change in 2023 for the betterment of the educational set-up in the country. For many decades, the department was and is still facing several issues. These issues once and for all should come to an end. DepEd needs a change in 2023 and this will only be possible if there is a total transformation.

Here are the 10 conclusive things that must change for a speedy start in the next years to come:


There should be standards in the ranking and hiring process of teacher-applicants. The division offices shouldn’t favor principals who hire teachers because of personal kinship. There should be no bias and the hiring process should always be according to what is in the rank. Most of the time, we hear rumors about teachers who weren’t hired even if they were in the higher ranks. 


The budget allocation should be fair to all public schools. The department must see to it that the schools have enough budgets for whole school year.


The division office should see to it that they have enough non-teaching personnel. They must ensure that all their staffs can accommodate different municipalities. Most of the time, the division office can’t handle many concerns due to few staffs. In this case teachers from far stations will have to return the next day for the documents they need. 


DepEd needs a change in 2023 and it is a must. In cases of natural destructions, we have observed that it takes many years for DepEd to take action. There must be enough emergency funding in case schools get destroyed. There should be enough funding for any unexpected natural disasters.


Teachers should focus teaching and not doing some extra paperwork. They also shouldn’t give extra loads to teachers aside from teaching.


DepEd needs a change in 2023 and this includes a need to upgrade the school forms. School forms should now be available online and not manual. The world is going techie yet here we are in the public schools writing our forms.


The department should see to it that there is proper implementation of memorandum. Contributions in the district and ion the schools are still ongoing. Teachers should not be the one to shoulder every expense. There shouldn’t be any collection of contributions.


The department should only hire well-trained office staffs, not those lousy ones. There are many unresponsive staffs in the division offices. We need staff mobility because every second counts for the teachers who can’t have a regular visit. Poor teachers sometimes they are to wait forever for their documents. This is because some staffs are loafing.


One protocol must be the same and true to all schools. The problem in the division offices of DepEd is that their memos are sometimes not clear. Many heads have different opinions and sources. The ending output will be different from the expectation.


Once and for all, DepEd needs a change in 2023. It will start by DepEd providing fair chance to all teachers to attend trainings. Re-echoing the seminars is a different situation. The speaker ability plays a major role in these activities.Alec | Helpline PH

4 thoughts on “DepEd needs a change in 2023: 10 Conclusive things for a speedy start”

  1. May I respectfully recommend a proposal for the total transformation of deped, as follows, to wit;. 1. Restore the “trifocalization” of deped management where the three main bureaus (b
    Bureau of Elementary, Bureau of Secondary and Bureau of Tertiary education) were fused or merged like what what happened in the 1984, in order to fully implement the design of the K to12 Program that is patterned after US Curriculum that provides the integration of fundamental general education subjects offered in the first two years of college, into the senior high school curriculum, to be credited as pre-college preparatory subjects so that only the major specialised subjects will only be offered in the first three years of college, and be immediately qualified to take civil service examinations and licensure board examinations specifically for highly technical engineering and science courses, those who will fail will be required to proceed graduate studies for the last two years to compensate the 12year cycle of K to 12 Program, and offset the eligibility requirement for the first level government entrance positions since they are already a masters degree holders;
    2. Abolish the literacy dragging “mother toungue” subjects in the lower grades as redundant to the newly introduced “Philippine Orthography” where it already combined the inclusion of Contextualized multi-ethnic local dialects, that should be familiarised by the new breed of learners if we are really serious in promoting unity and common understanding via comprehensive medium of communication, instead of cultural diversity;
    3. Restore the existence of “Technical and Agri-Vocational” Schools that concentrates the education of future farmers, once established during the Marcos era, freeing from being annexed to big academically-driven national universities in oder to revitalize the Agricultural production since we are a viable agricultural country, provide more scholarship programs to invite more enrolees; while giving reasonable investment loans and incentives to farmers by laying huge amount of budget for loans to capitlaozed agricultural investment, and then a levy for post disaster as a government emergency response that would enable farmers recover the damage;
    4. Instead of investing in the creation of the School Governance Division that keeps on knocking the school heads for urgent submission of various management laden reports, rather than having them concentrate their focus and prioritize the monitoring of actual classroom instruction to provide appropriate technical assistance for the teachers, being the primordial role of deped to promote quality education. It is highly recommended that school heads/principals should be well trained periodically in order to effectively discharge their primary duties and ensure quality assurance of their performance, so that only required reports will only be limited to progress of academically specific program implemetation.
    5. If we are to help our teachers there is no need to hire more non-teaching support staffs, but only a teacher-Aide item, to assist in the production of teaching visual aids and attend every teacher’s clerical and administrative auxillary duties and functions will do, with preference to BS in Education graduates even without licensure exam eligibility.

  2. About the gsis loan were teachers lalong nag hirap sa interest rates. Must have a clear explanation to the arrears, interest un every loan. And those benefits of the pensioners.
    – classroom structuring that the expenses from the pockets of the teachers, some will loan to that class room structure and repair for the classroom and beutifucation of different assign areas . Teachers should focus on teaching not on beautification. That students has no learning .

  3. Merlita Montesines

    How about the private schools? What are the plans of the govt. for the private schools? Private schools are not just the big schools like UST, Ateneo, etc There are many small private schools which are very competitive, like in our school in Rizal. We are competing in the national level and also in International level like Yale and Harvard Model United Nations both in USA. Yearly, we are attending student conferences like debates, art competition participated by 51 countries all over the world and almost 2000 delegates.And for 4 consecutive years. we won 3out of 5major categories but sadly we were not recognized by the local mayor or even the DEPED. It is so sad that many “small” private schools were not given attention by the govt and in the educational sector. May this be an eye opener to the DepEd.

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