Effective Daily Routine of DepEd Teachers

Effective Daily Routine of DepEd Teachers

The effectiveness of the daily routine of DepEd teachers is transparent this pandemic. The system of education is unstable as of the present. Teachers did their best to be the catalyst of continuous learning. The daily routine of DepEd teachers may differ from that of those in the private schools yet is very useful. This is how the public school teachers try to organize their time with their work this pandemic.

Here is the effective daily routine of DepEd teachers in a week to give you a glimpse on their field. (We try to base the routine this time of pandemic.)

Prepare, edit and print learning materials (Modules and LAS)
Yes, some teachers do all the works. This is true to all TLE/TVL teachers who write their own modules in different subjects. The printing process is tiresome and the bulk of papers make the teachers go dizzy

  • Distribute the printed modules to the students – Distribution follows the protocols of this pandemic of course.
  • Retrieve the output of the students – Some students may not submit their work on time so again, the teacher is to adjust because of the pandemic.
  • Segregate the worksheets and answer sheets of the students according to subject – This process takes a lot of courage and effort and patience.
  • Check the answer sheets of the students and record the raw scores – No help is on the way. Teachers have to check it on their own.
  • Follow-up details of the students through the GC per subject – Teachers need to get updates from students through messenger.
  • Complete grades of the students per quarter – Grades must be on time so teachers find time to focus on grades computation.
  • Attend virtual seminars as directed by the higher authority – Lots and lot of seminars in a month. Collection of certificates after.
  • Complete and submit division-wide surveys or forms
    Division forms are sometimes irritating since it adds to the work of the teachers.
  • Extend community services as directed by higher authority – Extend a helping hand in the community through service (eg. coastal clean-up, etc)
  • Update the records of the students per section (different school forms) – School forms are on the step of the way for the advisers.
  • Write modules (module writers) as per directive of the head for a specific field – Division will ask for teachers willing to become writers.

Now, do you think you can handle all this work? You can if you have the mindset of a teacher. This routine is common to all the public school teachers (though at some point may differ in style). The success of the educational status as of the moment lies behind this routine. This routine is from Sunday to Saturday and then repeats again and again. – Avril | Helpline PH