Reasons why teachers collect webinar certificates

Webinar Certificates

Long before the outbreak of this deadly virus, teachers were purposely attending seminars may it be live-in or live-out to polish their skills more especially with the new trend in the Philippine education particularly those who will be handling the senior high school in every school. Perhaps, it may be counted that the opportunity is not fair to all teachers since only the coordinators and higher in position can attend most of the seminars and it will just be re-echoed through school to school basis (because they were saving the funds intended for seminars? idk). It would be a lot nicer if all teachers in the different areas will be scheduled and have a fair share in attending those live seminars with good speakers (re-echo seminars are really different than that of the live seminar) but most of the time, only one representative will be chosen to attend.  It was like that, the routine goes on and on and nobody even dared to as/request their principals to let them be included in one of the seminars so that they too, can receive certificates that will be really useful in the future (as you see, certificates are the souls of the teachers).

Here comes the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused the drop-down in the economy as well as the normality of the lives of the people including the teachers and students. To still make the teachers be busy, Webinars (online seminars) are created. Now, these webinars are conducted through online platforms like YouTube to cater to the huge number of participants (this time, all the teachers nationwide can attend) that will surely attend these online webinars. Now, to take a closer look, let us find out the reasons why teachers will really try their best to listen to these webinars every day and why teachers try to collect all Webinar certificates that will be given at the end of every session:


Since teachers are working from home preparing necessary modules and attending webinars, they need to earn more certificates as an attachment to their weekly accomplishment plan which will be attached to their daily time record at the end of the month with proper validation from the higher authorities. The certificates will serve as proof of them attending the webinars even at home.

2. CPD Units

Upon renewing their licenses, CPD units are needed. Their certificates gathered from the webinars will surely help them as it will form part of the attachment. Teachers cannot renew their PRC license without CPD units. So, most of the time this is the reason why teachers are collecting more and more certificates.


One hundred percent that the certificates will help teachers during promotions and ranking. Each certificate will have additional points. More certificates mean more points and it will boost the ranking score of an aspiring applicant for promotion.


The certificates will then be filed by the teacher for future use.


There is an annual update of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) for every individual teacher at the opening of the school year. The certificates will be added to the seminars/training at the back part of the sheets which will serve as a guide on what the achievements of the teachers were accomplished. The certificates will be attached later on.

So, as you see, each certificate is really useful for every teacher, that’s why they are collecting it as always. Certificates may be just a piece of paper for others but for those in the field of teaching, it is more than that. The collection of certificates is not a hobby, instead, it is a necessity. – Clea | Helpline PH