Top 10 potential compliments to give a teacher

Top 10 potential compliments to give a teacher

What do you think are the potential compliments to give a teacher to make them happy?

Teaching is the parent-profession of all professions! Without teachers, we don’t have CEOs, engineers, lawyers, doctors, seafarers and many more. Behind every success is a good teacher.

Teachers don’t expect something in return from their students. As long as they see their students follow their dreams and grab success, that is it. We can at least offer them compliments to make them be happy in return.

Here are the top 10 potential compliments to give a teacher to make them jump with happiness:

1. “Thank you!”

The simplest word yet the most powerful one. Teachers understand everything you mean with this phrase.

2. “I wouldn’t be here without you.”

Imagine the joy this will give your teacher. It means that he/she is your epitome of success.

3. “I have learned so many things from you.”

A good teacher will always leave a mark on his/her students.

4. “You are my idol and motivation.”

Teachers touch the lives of the students and will leave a legacy behind.

5. “I still remember everything you taught us.”

Students won’t forget a good teacher for life.

6. “You deserve to relax.”

What a pleasing sentence to listen to. Teachers do deserve a break.

7. “You are the best teacher we ever had.”

Hearing this is like riding the cloud 9. This is the best feeling to have for teachers.

8. “We appreciate everything you have done for us.”

The appreciation will always leave smiles on the faces of the teachers.

9. “I am grateful that you are my teacher.”

Teachers will be happy to hear this from their students that succeeded.

10. “I will never forget you.”

Teachers will always jump for joy upon hearing this from his/her students.

These are the compliments to give a teacher to make him/her happy. – Clea | Helpline PH