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Do people still value our brave teachers this 2022 or not?

Do people still value our brave teachers this 2022 or not?

We all have our brave teachers doing all sorts of sacrifices for their students. The question is, do people still value our brave teachers at present?

To recall, in the past decades our brave teachers were all prioritized and respected. They all receive what is due for them and they got all the attention they deserved. Teachers in the past were all respected by the students. They were the epitome of values in the school and students loved them.

Not until today, when our students are very different. At present, our brave teachers no longer receive the respect they once had. People tend to only see them as instruments for their children to finish school and nothing else.

Do people still value or brave teachers this 2022 or not? Funny as it is but as a teacher myself, I no longer feel the sincerity of the people around me as a teacher. Teachers feel like they are only in the school as mere instruments. They are mere vessels that are there in order for students to progress higher, that’s it.

Students nowadays doesn’t seem to be sincere to their teachers. They see them as teachers but they don’t understand the great sacrifice. They don’t understand the true roles of their teachers. In this sense, the value is useless. Teachers are no longer valued at all.

There is a very big difference from being a teacher at present and in the past. Our brave teachers are no longer valued and given importance. Our teachers are no longer functioning the way they should. Our teachers are like puppets that are being controlled by different circumstances.

Our brave teachers no longer feel the happiness of being a public servant. Instead, they work as professionals for needs sake and that’s it. The value they once had is now fading like a flower that withers with time. – Avril | Helpline PH