“Be resourceful” is a famous term used by school heads and officials often to their teachers

“Be resourceful” is a famous term used by school heads and officials often to their teachers

“Be resourceful” is the term I always hear from my supervisors. It is the term they always tell their teachers when they refuse to buy their teacher’s needs.


We already know from the very beginning that our public schools lack many things. This includes the necessary tools and equipment needed in skills development. Most of the time, TLE teachers are the ones who have the most number of requests.

In the past decades, “be resourceful” is the trend and it always does. Yet, in today’s education set-up, this term is no longer accepted. As the years pass, the technology is also upgrading. So it turned out that the schools need to upgrade as well.

The traditional bookish system of learning that is teacher dominated now evolves. Today’s education set-up is skill-based and student oriented. Students need to learn through discovery, experience and mastery.

The teachers are now the facilitators of learning. Well, because of this change the schools need more tools and equipment to help the students. The problem is, the public schools have limited budget and not all schools do receive a budget.

Most schools who received budgets from the MOOE are those big high schools. Small schools with small enrollment are still stuck with the “be resourceful” idea.

Most school principals or school in charge have MOOE but are not willing to spend the money. This is when they tell their teachers “be resourceful” and let teachers spend on their own. 

An example of this is our school where the budget of MOOE in the junior high and senior high are separate. My co-teacher in TLE in the senior high wanted to request for equipment but it always remained a request. There is no action in the requested tools and equipment. 

Our heads told us to “be resourceful” and boom, it’s done. We never get to buy our needed equipment. As long as learning is concern the school principals should be the first one to check the necessity. Yet, in most public schools our principals or heads can’t do anything.

Education here in country is very confusing and unorganized. There is no uniformity in the public schools when it comes to giving the best for the students. Only the teachers are doing their best to still educate the learners. Despite the unavailability of resources, we teachers always find the solution. Even if this means to use our own hard earned money we never complained. – Avril | Helpline PH