Top 5 misconceptions on being a TLE/THE teacher that marks the history of education

Top 5 misconceptions on being a TLE/THE teacher that marks the history of education

There are many misconceptions on being a TLE/THE teacher that evolves long time ago up until now. Generations passed down these misconceptions that these are already part of a whole.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions on being a TLE/THE teacher:

1. If you are a TLE/THE teacher you are a very very good cook!

This is TRUE and at the same time FALSE. You cannot generalize teachers handling TLE/THE subjects to be always a good cook. The correct term is they are flexible at work. That’s it but they are not always good cook. Most of the times, they are the ones assigned in the kitchen so the interpretation. They know how to play with recipes but since our taste buds are different so it differs from one to another.

2. TLE/THE teachers are only for the kitchen every time there are big activities.

Why do you always expect TLE/THE teachers at the kitchen every time big events are in? When I was in my elementary years I had observed this kind of treatment and up until now, it still exist. TLE/THE teachers do want to also experience those big events you know. There should be committee where every gathering all the teachers will have to do their job. TLE/THE teachers are like maids in the school for doing the cooking and the dishes after.

3. TLE/THE teachers know everything especially those works that needed skills.

Although this is true, but still there are also teachers in the different subjects. We don’t generalize TLE/THE teachers the fact that they have NCs. Teachers are all skillful in their field of expertise.

4. TLE/THE teachers should always do the budget of the school.

During events, TLE/THE teachers do all the budgeting and the marketing. Well this must be change for the record. Again, committee should be well practiced. There should be equal distribution of functions when it comes to big events. Don’t put the burden on your TLE/THE teachers.

5. TLE/THE teachers are boring.

For the record, TLE/THE subjects are the most enjoyable of all the subjects out there. Ask your students about it. It depends on how well you managed your TLE/THE subjects. The teachers are the best!

Well, after these explanations I guess there will be no more misconceptions on being a TLE/THE teacher. If there is, then its’ your problem of not internalizing this article. – Clea | Helpline PH