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Adaptable changes in the education system as the pandemic arises

Adaptable changes in the education system as the pandemic arises

There are actually adaptable changes in the education system as the pandemic arises. These adaptable changes in the education system can be a notion of something. This somehow tells us that the educational status of our country needs polish. This pandemic may be a negative blow to us all but this also brought us some realizations ahead.

We will now try to tackle the adaptable changes in the education system as the pandemic arises.

1. Before the pandemic, students and teachers are not into technology.

Although some students are trendy with using the technology, more students aren’t. Only those privileged students who are living in the urban areas have access to the new trends. More students in the rural can’t afford to be trendy. But, when Covid-19 arises, the parents persevere to buy cellphones and laptops. These gadgets are a must for every student in rural and urban areas.

2. Traditional teachers learned to bend with the changes in the internet world.

Elder teachers who are not with the trend in using the new technology learn how to use it. This shows how flexible teachers are in their field.

3. Before the pandemic, teachers used books and let students copy notes.

Books are not anymore used by students because they have their modules. There is no more notes taking. The encoded modules will suffice everything. Learners will only have to read and study their modules.

4. Almost all schools in the public have RISO or photocopier machines already.

Before the pandemic, teachers find it hard to reproduce their materials and they need to go to the market for it. Now, every school has its own copier machine for reproduction.

5. The rise of the pandemic is also the rise of the internet and technology in the country.

The slow internet in the country is one of the reasons why students in the rural areas can’t access the internet. When the pandemic erupt, the internet connection accessibility also improved.

6. It is a requisite for teachers to have their own set of laptops and printers.

Before, teachers don’t have to buy their own laptops. During the pandemic, all teachers bought their own laptops and printers. It is a must that every teacher should have in order to finish their work without any hindrance.

7. Students learn to study in their own phase by doing their modules.

The modules help the students learn on their own phase. The parents are only their guide and support in their module making.

8. DepEd spends much on the materials for the reproduction of the modules.

Before, DepEd does not care to give huge budget for these materials. Students even have to write their answers in their own papers during exams. It is obvious that the teachers will re-use the test papers again the next school year. Now, all the materials are new and students will write their answers on the answer sheets provided.

9. Teachers hone their talents in writing modules.

This pandemic made teachers good writers. Teachers hone their innate skills in writing.

10. The internet is the teacher’s best friend at present.

The internet is a huge help these days. Topics that are not found in books and other references are now researchable.

These adaptable changes in the education system will write down its own history. Soon, when all of this will be over, our children will reminisce how this pandemic change our world.  – Clea | Helpline PH