5 Unseen truths about DepEd

5 Unseen truths about DepEd

What are the unseen truths about DepEd?  The struggles of teachers are very clear yet they were not seen. Higher officials (central, regional, division) neglects to see them. They all turn blind-eye on the basic problems of their department.

Teachers are always thankful for the opportunity DepEd gave them. Being part of the workforce is fulfilling. Their job gave them food on their table. Teachers are thankful for that yet those are not enough.

Teachers are like working robots inside the system. They follow instructions but can’t react on their own and they don’t have a voice to defend themselves.

Here are the 5 unseen truths about DepEd you might want to know:

1. The system is dull.

One of the unseen truths about the department is the system itself. No matter how many good leaders will come out, if the system is not rebuilt, then there will be no change. No matter how good the new secretary will be, if the system is still the same, then there is no chance.

2. Higher officials are all alike and they hide the true situations despite proofs.

We all know what they do the most, they hide true situations of the public schools for their own benefit. These officials sit on their air-conditioned offices without even visiting their schools. They hid the true face of education and they don’t want people to know. Example is the incoming opening of classes. Pushing through with the face to face classes despite classroom shortage.

3. Teachers are not their priority.

Teachers are now disappointed with the latest news about their salary. They don’t want to expect anymore because it will only add to their heartaches.

4. Higher officials don’t look at the true situations of their teachers and learners.

Higher officials in the division seem to hide their true situations. Teachers are then getting sandwich and not be able to say what they wanted to. They have to seal their lips because that was the instruction.

5. Paper-based and not output-based.

Oldest yet unseen truth about the system. Teachers are like the secretaries doing all sorts of reports. More and more paperworks for their pitiful teachers. – Avril | Helpline PH