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5 Unseen truths about DepEd

5 Unseen truths about DepEd

What are the unseen truths about DepEd?  The struggles of teachers are very clear yet they were not seen. Higher officials (central, regional, division) neglects to see them. They all turn blind-eye on the basic problems of their department.

Teachers are always thankful for the opportunity DepEd gave them. Being part of the workforce is fulfilling. Their job gave them food on their table. Teachers are thankful for that yet those are not enough. 

Teachers are like working robots inside the system. They follow instructions but can’t react on their own and they don’t have a voice to defend themselves.

Here are the 5 unseen truths about DepEd you might want to know:

1. The system is dull.

One of the unseen truths about the department is the system itself. No matter how many good leaders will come out, if the system is not rebuilt, then there will be no change. No matter how good the new secretary will be, if the system is still the same, then there is no chance.

2. Higher officials are all alike and they hide the true situations despite proofs.

We all know what they do the most, they hide true situations of the public schools for their own benefit. These officials sit on their air-conditioned offices without even visiting their schools. They hid the true face of education and they don’t want people to know. Example is the incoming opening of classes. Pushing through with the face to face classes despite classroom shortage. 

3. Teachers are not their priority.

Teachers are now disappointed with the latest news about their salary. They don’t want to expect anymore because it will only add to their heartaches.

4. Higher officials don’t look at the true situations of their teachers and learners.

Higher officials in the division seem to hide their true situations. Teachers are then getting sandwich and not be able to say what they wanted to. They have to seal their lips because that was the instruction.

5. Paper-based and not output-based.

Oldest yet unseen truth about the system. Teachers are like the secretaries doing all sorts of reports. More and more paperworks for their pitiful teachers. – Avril | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “5 Unseen truths about DepEd”

  1. reality is very hearthaching…my child dream to become a teacher someday but i discouraged her for i dont want her to experience the struggle in the deped department. the price of commoditiea nowadays are very high and the salary given to teachers cannot compensate the daily needs especially if there kids who are schooling…besides the transportation expenses from our home to the area of designation is now times two in the amount. The department really dont know if what is the real.situation of the frontliner teachers who are assigned especially in the remote area.

  2. Francisco D. Guting, Jr.

    It’s the wrong values and culture in our schools and department that is holding down a genuine tranformation in our education.

  3. DepEd should be totally changed. From it’s top officials to the regional, district and municipal up to the barangays. They are not an assets, they are not productive. Subordonates are like pet on a leash which the superiors command. Instructional method should be changed, old style modules should be updated. TOIM’s should be with valid objectives and will correspond to learning capabilities of a student. Tools should be provided to assist in learning process.

  4. The profession is the noblest, most demanding, most selfless….
    The system? welll….might as wel l”see” the “unseen” and value the teachers, especially with VP Sara at the reins

  5. Very true,,,,,, teachers who want to bring out the real situation was bragged down by the superiors until the teacher just close his mouth and accept the bitter situation.

  6. But all these sentiment will be unheard and unseen untill one stand out and approach the proper person who we should all give a heads up on the reality. Everything in the department is a competition even the General average of schools that is why they cover the fact and present what the department wanted to see.

  7. Ferlibeth C. Paquibot

    Tinood gyud ni. Kung c techr mosultig tinood labi nag maigo ang mga opisyales, initan gyud c teacher og taman taman, yatak yatkan ug ilampaso pa. Maong kadaghanang mga tchrs magpasipsip nlang ug maong bisag y kapasidad kalit lag kapromote. Ang naningkamot intawon og eskoyla, nag antos og loan para makahuman og advancement, dugo ug singot, kwarta ang puhunan wa napromote pero ang ilang mga kaberks, pasipsip lang promote agad. Maong makaingon ko nga pasipsip man cguro ang no.1 nga qualification for promotion ini nga ahensya. Makarelate gyud q ini nga kalakaran sa deped, grabe man gud nakong igoa ini (bullseye) Nalubong intawon sa loan hangtod karon. Looy intawon ang mga naningkamot kung kini nga kalakaran sa mga opisyales sa deped magpadayon. Ihunong na kini! Hustisya asa naman ka? Ihatag na intawon ang kaangayan malooy ka!

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