Seems like we desperately need NEW LEADERSHIP in the educational field – Richard Poon

Seems like we desperately need NEW LEADERSHIP in the educational field

Richard Poon shares on his social media about a message he received from a teacher.

Read it below.



Im a teacher po sir Richard. I’ve been in the service for almost 15 years now. My first 3 yrs hav been good and i was happy and satisfied doing my job. Those were the days when “No read , No move” policy was imposed. After that… Everything changed.

All of the previous messages u’ve publicly posted are sad but true. Long have I been hoping and praying somebody would raise this problem in our departments’ system because i myself coudn’t do it, For the reason that i am hoping for a promotion. There is a problem in the SYSTEM of DepEd.

Those in the higher ups couldn’t see the reality on the ground because they are too busy sitting on their “thinking chair” without stepping outside. There are lots of reasons why the quality of our education DROPPED TO ITS LOWEST we could ever imagine, and this is real.

1. Rapid and abrupt change of curriculum from RBEC to K-12.

2. Mass hiring of teachers who are not graduates of education.

3. The system of how Performance Rating is being accomplished, just as so we can receive larger PBB.

4. Mass promotion- which was impose during the early years of K-12 till present.

5. No drop-out policy.

6. Overrated “Child Protection Policy” where teachers are now under there pupils. Meaning, we’d rather pass the pupils lack of discipline in exchange of our dignity and morals(takot ma-Tulfo at i-bully)

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7. Loads of paper works(clerical work) to be accomplish every now and then.

8. Imposed and demand a lot of projects which involve great amount of money with no budget allocated like WinS or Wash in School facilities and genderised CR. These projects were significant indeed, but there were no budget allocated for it so we teachers have to be resourceful that we became beggar-like due to constantly soliciting to our stakeholders.

9. Too many responsibilities OUTSIDE our line of work. Teachers now are not just teaching. We are sometimes a chef/cook (Feeding program-feeding coordinator), Nurse(deworming), engineer/construction worker, clerk/secretary, IT(computers), janitor, electrician….

Name it sir we can do it, but not just too much. We are all in one department(DOH, DPWH, DSWD)… “Here at DepEd, We got it all for you”. … We just laugh at it sir. Exhausting but I am somehow proud of it. I love doing it though, but not just too much as i said. THE PROBLEM IS IN THE SYSTEM or in the manner of IMPLEMENTATION. Do not blame us.

How i wish we could go back to the time where the Teachers are just teaching, no more…no less. That would be really really great. I do still love my job sir, very much! and i am still happy doing it. My heart serves the Filipino children and not the department i believe, thats why im still here.

Credit: Richard Poon

11 thoughts on “Seems like we desperately need NEW LEADERSHIP in the educational field – Richard Poon”

  1. Stephanie

    I still believe that it depends upon what school you enroll your child in, and admittedly, us parents play a major role to their success or failure.

  2. Emma A. Misoles

    Totoo po lahat ang mga nabanggit dito sa article… Ako din po ay isang public school teacher… school drrm coordinator… nagko conduct ng earthquake drill kahit walang mga bata sa school at nka work from home ang ibang mga guro…gagawa na naman ng report …. may online reporting pa, personal naman ang load para pang internet..Nasali din po ako sa isang basic rescue course…hala naging rescuer bigla… Clinic teacher din ako na halos ginagawa na kaming nurse. Mapupuno po itong comment section kung iisa isahin ko po lahat… at the end of the day… pagod na po… And I say sayang, the Department is not getting the best out of me kasi sinasayang niya ang energy ko sa mga medyo lihis sa trabaho… I know I could have given more…

  3. Alma Roque-Bitanghol

    Hindi naman ganyan- Ang pagkakaunawa ko sa system being implemented. Si teacher Kasi BAgo ka magbagsak Ng estudyante, hihingan ka ng intervention like ano Ang ginawa mo upang tulungan Ang bata. Pag sinabing tulungan Ang bata it means alamin mo teacher Ang reason why di nakapagcomply si Bata. Tulungan mo Siya, go down to their level. Obvious po maraming problema Ang magulang at apektado Ang mga bata. Marami pong paraan huwag isisi sa pandemya, sa namumuno at Kung kanino pa man. It is expected na kapag guro ka selfless ka, huwag kang magbilang Ng trabaho. Mag ipon ka ng ebidensya na talagang Hindi mo sinukuan Ang bata. Last resort (di talaga gumana interventions mo) ay pasulatin ang magulang or guardian na sila mismo ay walang nagagawang assistance sa anak Nila na tulungan ito sa pag aaral kaya ito ay babagsak, dahil nga di magcomply sa requirements..Always be emphatic, extend help sa teacher-level.
    Stop blaming the system. Wala akong kinakampihan Kasi tunay nakakapagod maging guro, Lalo nitong pandemya. Kung Hindi mo ito gagawin, sino ang gagawa? Please, let us be mature enough in our sworn profession. No pointing of fingers. Bagkus magpakasipag nalang tayo, walang ganun mars!!peace yow!!

    1. I really love the idea! Sure enough, this is what should happen… but can a teacher do it all? With all the class size (50students/section), workloads(5-6 classes), and work in between? I love each of my students and I would love to reach out to them… but I don’t have enough power to do it all for all of them.

    2. annonymius

      paano naman poh kung ginawa mo na ang lahat pero hindi pa din sila naniniwala at gusto pa din nila ipasa ang bata?

      ikaw sa sarili mo ay alam mong nagawa mo na ang lahat pero sa kanila ay hindi pa din sapat..

      Ano naman pong maipapayo nyu sa experience na ito?

    3. Dami tlgang mali sa systema kc gingawang end receivers ang mga guro ! Imbes n mgturo sila e kung ano anong paperworks na useles ang ipinpgawa like lis, ipcrf mlesf etc! At hindi tama yun…! Dapt igingalang ng mga nasa deped ofice ang mga Guro kc nang dahil sa mga Guro ay naging literate sila kya natanggap sila sa deped ofice tapos ganyan lng sila sa mga Guro! Asan ung hustisya?😑

  4. Randy Filoteo

    Kami nman Po ay ISANG magulang…. Medyo naging unfair nman Po para sa amin Ang grading system… At d pagbbgay Ng recognition sa lower grades… Lalo nat alam nman nmin n tlgang nag sumikap Ang AMING mga anak.,.. alam ko pong mhirap dhil may mga mgulang tlga n cla sumsagot s modules… Pero pano nman Po un mga bata n cla nman tlga Ang nagtyaga sa modules nila… SA modules nman Po.. sobrang dami!!!

  5. Mae Jane

    This is what DepEd should prioritized

    1. 1:20-25 teacher-student ratio
    2. Lessen teachers’ task..Prioritize teaching and feedbacking so learning truly comes in. Teachers’ task must only be to teach, record, prepare for the lesson.
    3. Remove all contest which requires teachers to coach, to sing, to dance. Teacher’s talents could be utilize inside the classroom.
    4. Remove WINS, unnecessary classroom structuring, SBM, Gulayan sa Paaralan contest, etc.
    5. Remove IPCRF/RPMS.
    6. Make teaching 5 hours per day only! Home visitation becomes possible with 5 hours teaching and without the tasks beyond what teaching requires.
    7. BRIGADA should not be a contest. It’s a preparation for the school opening readiness. How could it be contest? I detest Brigada as a contest because it takes too much of our time.. We have to look for stakeholders/sponsors, we have to document our preparation and take pictures of before,during,after preps in the same angle. I repainted my entire classroom alone because I want to save and not bother anyone else.Now, how could I take photos of the same angle? Lol. And we’re losing our relatives and friends because we become beggar-like with our yearly solicitation.
    8. Remove all the school programs like Buwan ng Wika, Nutrition Month, Christmas Contests, Valentines program, etc…It takes teacher’s time due to coaching, practices, program prep and decor,.etc.
    9. Remove all evaluation. It’s hypocrisy and political. SDS can always visit schools and validate teacher and school head’s performance through a checklist.
    10. Provide proper internet to all teachers and students.
    11. Remove SLAC and INSET.Waste of time amd money. A monthly meeting to discuss school, student and teachers concern is enough.
    12. Students who can’t read in elementary should not be promoted to JHS. They should not retake an entire grade level as well. Instead, they should have an entire year of reading, writing, listening,speaking, and comprehension class.
    13. There must be a separate class for speaking, writing, grammar, and listening. Philippines is an English speaking country. English is our second language. But we are among the lowest in terms of vocabulary and comprehension.
    14. Do not allow teachers to conduct business inside school. They are paid. Students tend to get pressured as well for points ot grades. If they want to make business, let them resign.
    15. And relative to mass promotion, I think it’s a misinterpretation. No student should be left behind means we teachers have to find our learners best potential. We have to dedicate our time to let learners read, comprehend and understand the lesson. It does not say we have to let them pass when they are not actually deserving. Instead, we need to give remedial classes for those struggling learners. And there comes in the problem. Teachers don’t want to undergo such hassle because it takes even the teachers vacation time.That’s why they just let it slide and allow students to pass even if in reality, they don’t. How about a summer class for those who failed? Then teachers who will teach during summer should be paid other than the PVP he/she receives. PVP is Proportianal Vacation Pay. That’s the term for the teacher’s summer salary. We received PVP because unlike any other gov’t offices, we don’t enjoy paid leaves during our 10 months of teaching in a school year. Also, if a student fail, the blame is ALWAYS on the teacher. Teacher-factor they say. Really?
    16. Don’t make education a contest. Make it genuine. Many of our teachers are dedicated, passionate and smart. It’s the system that’s eating them.
    17. Educate Parents. They play biggest role in the child’s holistic development.

    The Educational System in the Philippines is a tragedy waiting to happen, if not, a tragedy slowly unfolding.

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