Seems like we desperately need NEW LEADERSHIP in the educational field – Richard Poon

Seems like we desperately need NEW LEADERSHIP in the educational field

Richard Poon shares on his social media about a message he received from a teacher.

Read it below.


Im a teacher po sir Richard. I’ve been in the service for almost 15 years now. My first 3 yrs hav been good and i was happy and satisfied doing my job. Those were the days when “No read , No move” policy was imposed. After that… Everything changed.

All of the previous messages u’ve publicly posted are sad but true. Long have I been hoping and praying somebody would raise this problem in our departments’ system because i myself coudn’t do it, For the reason that i am hoping for a promotion. There is a problem in the SYSTEM of DepEd.

Those in the higher ups couldn’t see the reality on the ground because they are too busy sitting on their “thinking chair” without stepping outside. There are lots of reasons why the quality of our education DROPPED TO ITS LOWEST we could ever imagine, and this is real.

1. Rapid and abrupt change of curriculum from RBEC to K-12.

2. Mass hiring of teachers who are not graduates of education.

3. The system of how Performance Rating is being accomplished, just as so we can receive larger PBB.

4. Mass promotion- which was impose during the early years of K-12 till present.

5. No drop-out policy.

6. Overrated “Child Protection Policy” where teachers are now under there pupils. Meaning, we’d rather pass the pupils lack of discipline in exchange of our dignity and morals(takot ma-Tulfo at i-bully)

7. Loads of paper works(clerical work) to be accomplish every now and then.

8. Imposed and demand a lot of projects which involve great amount of money with no budget allocated like WinS or Wash in School facilities and genderised CR. These projects were significant indeed, but there were no budget allocated for it so we teachers have to be resourceful that we became beggar-like due to constantly soliciting to our stakeholders.

9. Too many responsibilities OUTSIDE our line of work. Teachers now are not just teaching. We are sometimes a chef/cook (Feeding program-feeding coordinator), Nurse(deworming), engineer/construction worker, clerk/secretary, IT(computers), janitor, electrician….

Name it sir we can do it, but not just too much. We are all in one department(DOH, DPWH, DSWD)… “Here at DepEd, We got it all for you”. … We just laugh at it sir. Exhausting but I am somehow proud of it. I love doing it though, but not just too much as i said. THE PROBLEM IS IN THE SYSTEM or in the manner of IMPLEMENTATION. Do not blame us.

How i wish we could go back to the time where the Teachers are just teaching, no more…no less. That would be really really great. I do still love my job sir, very much! and i am still happy doing it. My heart serves the Filipino children and not the department i believe, thats why im still here.

Credit: Richard Poon