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2022 elections may cause teachers to be scared. Is it a hot election?

2022 elections may cause teachers to be scared. Is it a hot election?

An election is approaching, and the closer the election comes, the more the teachers will be scared. Why should teachers be concerned about the upcoming election? Teachers who will serve in this coming election have considered their precincts as their graves because they put their lives in danger. The word “dangerous” is the right term to use when conflict arises between supporters of opposing parties and cannot be avoided. The service of the teachers who serve in the election is very important because the honorarium they will receive in return for their service can’t be paid with money. Life lives on once only, not twice, or thrice. That is why teachers are very concerned about their security on Election Day.

Teachers felt scared even though the election schedule is in May. They still have one and a half months before the election. A teacher witnessed or watched on television, YouTube blogs and posts, Tikitok, and Google that violence from every candidate’s supporters is arising everywhere, even in their campaign. Teachers heard abnormal activities and awful words from different parties, wherein those insulting words or embarrassment came from the politicians, which should not be acceptable. They will be the leaders of the country soon. How could they rule the people if they are the ones who will create chaos? Their answers during their various interviews and debates serve as evidence of their shameful manner. They uttered it indifferently, which is not good to hear. They should be role models for all Filipinos. They are the ones responsible for inviting Filipinos to be reunited and advising them to live in peace. People should avoid running for office if a politician has a different style of persuading or campaigning. This politician’s behavior is a waste of time. It is not a good ruler in the home country. The people are made to feel ashamed if the Philippines has leaders who have less intellect and capacity to rule the country. Every answer with sense has points for the people. Therefore, people during campaigns are both judges.

Politicians and supporters should behave and make the elections peaceful and successful to avoid any potentially hot and scary elections. Don’t let anyone else interfere with the ongoing cast of votes. Teachers have petitioned the Comelec to have a precinct guarded by barangay tanod, police, and the military to ensure their safety. Let God handle and choose the responsible leader in this democratic country. In the Philippines, most people believe that “hot elections” occur only when a candidate refuses to accept defeat. – Doki | Helpline PH