10 things to prepare before the full face-to-face classes: Secure the students’ safety

10 things to prepare before the full face-to-face classes: Secure the students’ safety

The 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes are significant ideas that need to be implemented in this new normal. Schools must take action to provide students and teachers’ safety for the spread of COVID-19 since this virus is still circulating. People should take precaution because the virus is still causing harm to the bodies, especially the unvaccinated ones.

10 things to prepare before the full face-to-face classes

In the 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes, the school safety seal is important to determine if which schools are not yet ready for the face-to-face classes. But due to the implementation of 100% full face-to-face classes, all schools, with or without a safety seal, are allowed to conduct classes starting in the month of November for this school year 2022-2023.

For the upcoming November 2022 face-to-face classes to resume at full capacity, the Department of Education (DepEd) will not set a class size limit, its chief vice president, Sara Duterte, said on Thursday. “Hindi po kami naglagay ng exact size ng class dahil iba-iba po ang situation ng lahat ng schools.”Ang nilagay natin (sa DepEd Order No. 34 s. 2022) at inapprove din ni Pangulo (Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr.) noong Cabinet Meeting, ay physical distancing will be implemented whenever possible,” she said in an interview.   

The 10 things to prepare before November and other things that will remain until November full face-to-face classes.

A. Classroom – Number of seats must at least 20 students per room or equivalent to the numbers of learners present. These are the maximum number of learners since we are in the new normal.

1. Seats to be occupied must be at least 1 meter apart because of social distancing. Empty cabinets, which are not needed in your room, should be put in your school’s stock room if one is available.

2. Presence of markers and stickers on the floor to manage traffic flow and physical distancing inside the classroom. Markers are needed to know their distance, and learners are easily followed, especially in kindergarten and elementary.

3. Availability of working electric fans.

4. Open windows and doors at all times. Windows and doors should be open so that the flow of air is consistent.

5. Installation of suitable ventilation equipment, such as general and exhaust ventilation, as well as CO2.Proper ventilation for the learners and also for the teachers so that it can be comfortable and conducive while learning in the classroom.

6. Sterilization box is available for student outputs for disinfection.

7. Others, just in case the room is air conditioned, usage of high efficiency particulate air (HEPAO filtration to clean recirculated air). You should prepare this so that the room will be cleaned and the spread of viruses will be prevented.

8. Teachers’ vaccination is also important so that they will not be easily infected by the virus, but due to some teachers who don’t have vaccination, they will be assisted by the DepEd doctors to ensure that the teachers have valid reasons for not being vaccinated. A PCR test will be required for the teachers and non-teaching personnel who are not vaccinated. Assessment for unvaccinated teachers should also be done for them to be given proper medication, especially for those teachers with comorbidities, so that their bodies will be ready for the vaccination.

9. Classrooms should also be included because there are some schools that were devastated by typhoon Odette in which the schools have larger damage that needs to be repaired and constructed with new ones.

10. The class program should also be ready, so that any conflict with the teaching loads will be corrected before the start of classes.

These 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes 2022 are very important in the classroom. By August 22 to October 2022, blended learning is applicable. But there are some schools that will continue with blended learning, but in specific places only. As much as possible, face-to-face na talaga, President Marcos said.

Common 10 things to prepare before face to face classes.

B. School-should also be ready before the opening of classrooms. Not only the classrooms but also the whole surroundings of the school will be set. These 10 things to prepare in school before face to face classes are necessary for the students because they need directions to know what to do and where to go.

1. Display of school maps indicating the location of the classroom to be used so that the students will know the direction, especially in the lower grades who are new to the school or transferees. If the classroom location at every year level has changed, there should be a school map with exact locations.

2. Placement of entry and exit points in the school and in the classroom to monitor the students’ entry into school and in the classroom. For this placement, the school can easily control the spread of the virus. Placement of entry and exit is very helpful in contact tracing.

3. In hallways, ground markings for walking and direction guides should be placed to avoid infection of viruses.

4. Designation of areas for library restrooms, principal’s office, etc. It should be reflected in the school map to know where the locations for the library restrooms, year-level restrooms, and principal’s office are. Parents/guardians should be on time to pick up their children, especially in elementary.

5. Construction of new buildings for schools with insufficient classrooms, particularly those damaged by Odette.

6. Many schools, particularly those with a high enrollment, only had two comfort rooms. So, the schools are oblique to creating more than two comfort rooms.

7. Hand washing facilities should be available in the school, situated at the gate entrance, and other hand washing facilities should be found inside the school.

8. A school clinic and quarantine facilities should be available in school. COVID-19 still exists. The clinic and quarantine area should be ready for immediate checkups for students and teachers who are not feeling well. The designated school nurse should be active in her new function. DepEd should provide licensed nurses for every district, 1 for elementary and 1 for secondary.

9. A strong water supply should be available for the face-to-face classes.

10. Electricity in every school should be available because there were schools that don’t have electricity yet due to the devastation of Odette.

These 10 things to prepare in school are very much needed, especially since the threat of COVID-19 is still present even this year. The 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes are helpful for the school to easily trace the students and teachers.

Big schools are composed of many students and come from different towns and barangays. In the city, students are very exposed to COVID-19 since cities are crowded. Therefore, the school must follow the protocols to protect the health of the students and teachers. The 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes should be observed.

Some of the 10 things to prepare before face-to-face classes were already done since limited face-to-face classes were conducted before the 2021–2022 school year ends. If ever the school did not meet some of the 10 things to prepare for face-to-face classes this July, the school has the time to prepare because of the Brigada Eskwela. The preparation should also be extended due to this program. The Brigada Eskwela Program helps the school prepare the important things needed before the face-to-face classes.Doki | Helpline PH

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