DepEd Region V Announces Suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF Submission

The Department of Education (DepEd) Region V has officially announced the suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF submission, effective immediately. This significant administrative update was issued by the Schools Division of Masbate under the leadership of Schools Division Superintendent Raymundo M. Cantonjos, CESO VI, following directives from the Office of the Regional Director.

Understanding the Suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF Submission

The suspension impacts the submission of Individual Performance Commitment and Review Forms (IPCRF) for teachers and Office Performance Commitment and Review Forms (OPCRF) for school heads. The directive mandates that all concerned personnel halt these submissions until further notice. This decision aims to address administrative and procedural adjustments as required by the higher authorities in DepEd Region V.

Key Stakeholders Affected

The memorandum has been directed to various key stakeholders within the division, including:

  • Assistant Schools Division Superintendents
  • Chiefs of the Schools Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) and Curriculum Implementation Division (CID)
  • Education Program Supervisors
  • Division Coordinators
  • Public Schools District Supervisors
  • Elementary and Secondary School Heads

These stakeholders are required to ensure the immediate dissemination and strict compliance with the suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF submission.

Reasons Behind the Suspension

While the specific reasons for the suspension have not been disclosed, it is understood that this move is part of a larger effort to streamline and improve administrative processes. The suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF submission reflects the need for flexibility and responsiveness within the educational administration to align with the directives from higher authorities.

Immediate Compliance and Future Updates

The memorandum emphasizes the necessity for immediate action. All relevant personnel must comply with the directive to suspend the submission of IPCRF and OPCRF. The Schools Division Office has assured stakeholders that any further instructions or updates regarding the resumption of submissions will be communicated promptly.

Implications for the Education Sector

This suspension underscores the importance of adhering to regional directives to ensure the smooth functioning of the educational administration. It highlights the dynamic nature of educational management and the need for effective communication and compliance within the educational community.

Contact Information

For any queries or further clarification regarding the suspension of IPCRF and OPCRF submission, concerned parties are encouraged to contact the Schools Division Office of Masbate:

Schools Division of Masbate
Raymundo M. Cantonjos, CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendent

Read the memorandum below: