President Marcos Stresses Importance of Supporting Teachers

During a recent press interaction in Sulu, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. emphasized the crucial role teachers play in the success of the Department of Education. He has instructed the incoming Education Secretary Sonny Angara to prioritize the well-being and financial support of educators, especially those with families.

“Teachers are the backbone of any successful educational program,” stated President Marcos. “We must ensure they are well taken care of financially to allow them to focus fully on teaching without worrying about their family’s needs.”

This directive comes as a reminder of the personal challenges teachers face, balancing professional responsibilities with family life. The President highlighted that improving the financial situation of teachers would enhance their ability to deliver quality education.

In addition to financial support, President Marcos also underlined the necessity for continuous training and development for teachers to advance their skills.

Secretary Angara, who will soon take over from Vice President Sara Duterte, has acknowledged the President’s concerns and expressed his commitment to improving teachers’ salaries and working conditions. He mentioned studying a proposal to raise the entry-level salary for public school teachers to PHP 50,000 and reducing their non-teaching responsibilities.

These initiatives are expected to provide teachers with the resources and environment they need to excel in their roles, ultimately benefiting the education system at large.