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Senate Approves Bigger Allowance for Teachers

Senate Approves Bigger Allowance for Teachers

A big step was taken to support teachers in the Philippines. The Senate agreed to a plan that will make the allowance for public school teachers, often called “chalk allowance,” twice as big. This means teachers will now get P10,000 instead of P5,000.

This decision came after some disagreements between two different law proposals, one from the Senate and one from the House. These disagreements were about the best way to help teachers. But finally, they found a way to agree, thanks to the hard work of many people, including Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. He leads a group in the Senate that looks at issues related to civil service and education.

During this important meeting, people from the Department of Education, teacher groups, and others who care about education were there to see this moment.

Sen. Revilla spoke to everyone, especially the teachers, saying, “This win is yours. It’s for all the young people you help and teach.” He talked about how long teachers have been waiting for this change. He said teachers are very important because of all they do for students, not just in school but outside too.

He was worried this law might not pass, but he was happy to say, “We did our job well and honestly.” Sen. Revilla also mentioned this is just one of the many steps they are taking to make things better for teachers in the Philippines.

He praised teachers for their big role in shaping the future of young people and said they should be honored for their hard work and selflessness.

The senator reminded everyone that the law says education should get the most money in the national budget. But, teachers often feel they don’t get enough for all they do. He stressed the importance of teachers in our lives and how they deserve more support.

In the end, Sen. Revilla’s message was clear: “We are here to support our Filipino teachers.” This new law to double their allowance is a big step in showing that support.