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Selling of booklets and workbooks for ‘Catch-up Fridays’ is not allowed

Selling of booklets and workbooks for ‘Catch-up Fridays’ is not allowed

The Department of Education (DepEd) has recently made it clear that selling booklets or workbooks for “Catch-up Fridays” is not allowed. This announcement came after the department noticed that some schools were making parents and students pay extra for these educational materials. DepEd emphasized that all school activities, including Catch-up Fridays, should not cause any financial burden on students or their families.

DepEd explained that the goal of Catch-up Fridays, which started on January 12, is to help students improve their reading skills and do better in school. However, the idea is not to make education more expensive for them. Unfortunately, some complaints have been raised that certain school staff members were asking students to buy specific booklets or workbooks for these sessions and other school-related activities.

Upon hearing these complaints, DepEd has begun looking into these claims to find out what’s really happening. They stated that anyone found to be involved in this kind of activity would be punished appropriately. This could mean different kinds of penalties for those who break the rules.

To make sure they can catch and stop these unauthorized sales, DepEd is asking for help from everyone. They want people to let them know if they see or hear about any selling of educational materials that shouldn’t be happening. People can report these incidents directly to the Office of the Secretary by sending an email to [email protected].

In summary, DepEd wants to make sure that education remains accessible and affordable for all students. They are taking steps to stop the selling of unauthorized materials and are asking for the public’s assistance in this matter. Education is a right, and it should not come with unnecessary costs.