26 Negros Occidental Schools Get New Learning Tablets

26 Negros Occidental Schools Get New Learning Tablets

In Negros Occidental, a province in the Philippines, a significant initiative has been undertaken to enhance the educational resources for elementary school students. Under the program named Project BONG (which stands for “Bata ang Ona sa Negros”, translating to “Child First in Negros”), a total of 1,076 learning tablets were distributed to students from 26 public elementary schools. This project, which took place in the school districts of Pulupandan, San Enrique, and Valladolid, aims to provide better access to online learning resources.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between the Department of Education (DepEd) Negros Occidental Schools Division and the provincial government. The partnership is focused on advancing quality education for students in the province, known as Negrenses. The distribution of these tablets is expected to significantly aid in improving the numeracy and literacy skills of public school learners.

Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, who spearheaded the distribution in the three municipalities, emphasized the importance of ensuring that learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for the modern world. He highlighted the commitment to improving the quality of public school education through the provision of these tablets.

During the distribution ceremony, Governor Lacson was joined by Mayors Jilson Tubillara of San Enrique, Enrique Miravalles of Valladolid, Miguel Peña of Pulupandan, and DepEd Negros Occidental Schools Division Superintendent Anthony Liobet. Governor Lacson stressed the need for unity and cooperation among all stakeholders in addressing the challenges of basic education.

Project BONG, named after Governor Lacson’s nickname, represents a multi-faceted approach to educational development. It focuses not only on enhancing numeracy and literacy skills but also on engaging students through interactive activities and empowering teachers.

Superintendent Liobet expressed the goal of the project to equip students with the necessary tools to face challenges and realize their potential. The initiative has already had a positive impact in the region, with previous distributions of tablets in Cauayan and Manapla towns in 2022 and 2023, respectively. This ongoing effort reflects a strong commitment to improving educational opportunities for children in Negros Occidental.