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Japan is Hiring Teachers for a Monthly Salary of Php 80,192

Japan is Hiring Teachers for a Monthly Salary of Php 80,192

Have you ever dreamed of living and working in Japan? If you’re passionate about teaching and have a knack for the English language, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! Chesham Recruitment Inc., located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, is looking for English Language Teachers for the academic year of 2025. This is a chance not just to advance your career but to immerse yourself in a fascinating culture.

What’s on Offer?

The position comes with a competitive salary of JPY 215,000 per month, which is approximately Php 80,168 for those coming from the Philippines. For those looking to work abroad, this is a great opportunity to earn and experience life in a new country.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible, candidates need to have at least one year of work experience in teaching. A Bachelor’s or College Degree in Education, Teaching, Training, or similar fields is required, with a preference for graduates in Preschool, Pre-elementary, or Early Childhood Education. This opportunity is geared towards those who are currently teaching English as a subject and have a strong command of non-accented English—a key requirement that will be strictly evaluated.

Additional Requirements:

  • Possession of a Philippine non-professional driver’s license or higher, for either manual or automatic cars, is necessary.
  • Applicants should not have visible tattoos or piercings when wearing sports attire.
  • The emphasis is on pure English language teaching, rather than teaching other subjects through English.

Why Japan?

Japan offers an incredible blend of traditional and modern experiences. From its breathtaking natural landscapes to its bustling cities filled with technological marvels, there’s always something new to explore. Teaching in Japan not only allows you to grow professionally but also personally, as you navigate through the unique Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Ready to Apply?

If this opportunity excites you, vacancies for the 2025 academic year are available in various locations across Japan. This is your chance to embark on a rewarding teaching career while experiencing the rich culture of Japan. For those interested in applying, more information is available on the Chesham Recruitment Inc. profile on

This opportunity is regulated by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), ensuring a safe and legal process for all applicants. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a significant impact on your career and life. Explore the possibility of teaching English in Japan and see where this adventure takes you!