PSA Online 2023: Easy Guide

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Do you want to get any document from PSA but doesn’t have time for it? Or are you someone from abroad that needs a document but is not in the Philippines? Worry no more for all your needed documents from PSA is now within your reach by only clicking your mouse. 

PSA Online

If you are too busy to apply for any document from PSA Serbilis Center, you can now have it at last! This is through the PSA online application where you can skip long queues. You don’t have to stress yourself with the commutation and long lines already.

Applying and paying for documents from PSA can be through the use of internet. PSA will even deliver your requested certificates after several days to your home. Even if you are abroad, still you can request for it and have it delivered to your preferred address.

You can now enjoy the comfort of your home safe and pampered. Save your fare for the trip by getting your PSA online through PSA Serbilis and

What Is?

PSA Online Application via PSA Serbilis


What is PSA Serbilis?

PSA Serbilis enables Filipinos to order a birth, CENOMAR, marriage, or death certificate. They can have it delivered anywhere in the Philippines or abroad. It is a website that helps Filipinos from all over the globe. 

Legitimacy of PSA Serbilis 

PSA Serbilis is a legitimate and safe way to order your civil registry documents. It’s the web component of the PSA’s IT project in partnership with Unisys Philippines. Unisys is a Pennsylvania-headquartered global IT solutions company. In case you are still in doubt in getting your documents delivered fast. 


PSA online application through PSA Serbilis will benefit the working and busy people. The time consumed for queuing and waiting in line will not be a hindrance anymore. Although it is pricey, still it helped the people a lot. With the online transactions there is peace of mind and comfort.

How to Get a Birth, CENOMAR, Marriage, or Death Certificate Online via PSA Serbilis?

Here are the complete steps to get your needed document from PSA online.

PSA Online

1. Complete Your PSA Online Application

  • Open the PSA Serbilis homepage (
  • Select the certificate you want to request.
  • You can also proceed to (
  • Click the Request Now button corresponding to the certificate that you need.
  • Next, agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Data Privacy Notice and click the Next button.
  • Answer the questions that follow and then fill out the PSA online application form.
  • A summary of your information will pop up the screen.
  • Review and confirm the accuracy of your details. You may opt to add another document request.
  • You can click the applicable button or edit he details you provided.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • You will see the Acknowledgment page with a confirmation. It means your PSA online application is successful. 

2. Pay for Your Document Request

After you complete your PSA online application you will receive a reference number. You need to save it or keep a copy of the reference number since you need that upon payment. 

How much is a PSA birth certificate requested online via PSA Serbilis?

Here are the PSA online fees for every document requested through PSA Serbilis: 


Remember that these PSA Serbilis fees include processing, delivery, and government taxes.

PSA Serbilis online payment channels

PSA Serbilis accepts payments through the following accredited online channels:

  • Bayad Online (
  • Bayad app
  • Credit, debit, or prepaid card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB)
  • GCash (payments accepted only for delivery in the Philippines)
  • Maya app
  • UnionBank Online Banking
  • UnionBank Online app

How to pay PSA online via GCash or credit/debit/prepaid card

1. Go to the PSA Serbilis Payments page

( and click the Pay Now button. You can go straight to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions page. (

a. Click the “I Accept” button.

b. Enter your reference number and click the Go button.

c. Provide the required details and proceed with your payment.

Note: PSA Serbilis uses PesoPay for online payments. May it be via GCash and credit/debit/prepaid cards.

How to pay PSA online via UnionBank Online Banking

Visit the UnionBank website and log in to your online banking account.

  1. Go to the bills payment page.
  2. Choose “PSA SERBILIS (UNISYS)” as the merchant.
  3. Type your reference number as the Subscriber Number.
  4. Enter the amount to pay.
  5. Confirm your payment. You’ll see a confirmation message upon successful payment.

How to pay PSA online via UnionBank Online app

  1. Launch the UnionBank Online app on your smartphone.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Select “Pay Bills” and then tap “Select Biller.”
  4. Select “PSA SERBILIS (UNISYS).”
  5. Enter your reference number and contact number.
  6. Review your payment summary and tap the Pay button.

PSA Serbilis offline payment channels

  • Bayad Center branches and partners in the Philippines
  • Any UnionBank branch in the Philippines
  • UnionBank ATM (for UnionBank accountholders only)

How to pay PSA Serbilis in Bayad Center or UnionBank

– Print two copies of the Acknowledgment page. You’ll submit a copy to the cashier or teller and keep the other copy for your reference.

– Visit the nearest Bayad Center or UnionBank branch.

– Fill out the deposit/payment slip with the following details:

a. Company Name: PSA SERBILIS (UNISYS)

b. Client Name: Name of the requesting party

c. Subscriber/Reference/Policy/Plan No.: State your batch request number. You can also request for reference number (if paying for a specific request only).

d. Amount: Put the total amount due (if paying for all requests in a batch). Put also the amount due (if paying for a specific request only).

– Submit the filled out slip and the Acknowledgment page to the teller or cashier.

– Pay the PSA online service fee.

– Wait for your validated deposit/payment slip and change, if any.

3. Wait for Delivery of Your Certificate/s

Now all you have to do is wait for your requested documents for delivery. Your PSA Serbilis’ courier will do the job.

PSA Serbilis accredited couriers

  • Deliveries within the Philippines – 2GO Express and LBC Express
  • Overseas deliveries – PHLPost
  • Express delivery abroad – FedEx

How many long does delivery take for PSA Serbilis documents?

It takes 4 to 8 working days after payment for PSA Serbilis to deliver your requested document. That is if you are in the Philippines. The actual delivery time depends on the type of PSA certificate you requested.

PSA Serbilis delivery timeframe


For locations outside of the courier’s service areas, add five to seven days to your waiting time. The delivery schedule for Philippine addresses is Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (except during holidays). Expect for an additional 10 to 15 working days if your PSA certificate needs manual search.

If you are not in the Philippines and you wish to secure a copy of your PSA, you can arrange delivery via the (PHLPost). You can also use a special courier service via FedEx. There is a separate delivery charge for FedEx.

If you’re based abroad, the delivery time depends on the services of (PHLPost). It also depends in the restrictions in your host country.

PSA Serbilis Tracking: How to Check Your Document Status

On the PSA Serbilis website, look for “CHECK REQUEST STATUS” at the upper right corner. Enter your reference number below it and then click the Go button. If you need more information on your request status, you may send an email to [email protected].

Birth Certificate

A PSA Birth Certificate is a government-issued document of a person’s birth. It is printed on a security paper with an embossed multicolored seal. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) takes charge of it.

PSA online can help you get your birth certificates through PSA Serbilis. These are the personal information you can see in an official birth certificate:

  • Full Name (first name, last name, and middle name)
  • Age
  • Sex or gender
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Name of Parents, their ages, and place of birth
  • Name and the address of the attending physician or midwife

A birth certificate has no expiration date yet PSA always changes the security paper. This is to prevent the creation of birth certificates.


PSA online facility is a great help for applicants who find it hard to apply in person. Applicants only need a mobile device or laptop and internet to access the website. From then on, they can access the birth certificate they needed authenticated by PSA.

Note: The issuance of the Civil Registry Documents is only to the following:

  • The owner himself/herself or through an authorized representative
  • His/her spouse, direct descendants, parents, guardian. It could also be an institution in-charge of him/her in legal terms if minor.
  • The court or proper public official whenever necessary. This means in administrative, judicial, or other proceedings. This is to determine the identity of a person.
  • In case of the person’s death, the nearest kin

You may allow a representative in case you did not receive the PSA Birth Certificate and you are the owner. You can let the authorized person transact in your behalf. Your authorized representative should have to present the following to the courier.

  • Your signed authorization letter
  • Your valid ID (with photo and signature)
  • The valid ID of your authorized representative (with photo and signature)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can get your PSA Birth Certificate:

1: Proceed to the PSASerbilis


Click the button “Click here to request now”.


Then you will be directed to the Terms and Conditions. After reading, click on the “I Accept” button.

2. You need to fill out the contact and delivery information form


  • Please fill out the following:
  • Requester’s Name (Last Name, First Name, and your Middle Initial)
  • Complete Delivery Address
  • Telephone or Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) *optional


After filling it out, double-check all the information. Click the “Next” button right after. A box will appear that asks you to confirm all the details you have written.  Click the “Confirm” button after you check all your details are correct.

3. Then, Add your requested document

  • Click the “Birth Certificate” button to start making your request.
  • Another page will appear and you will need to answer two (2) questions. This is  in connection to your requested document (Birth Certificate). Mark your answers by clicking the small circle on the left side of the choices.
  • After answering, click the “Next” button.


 4. Fill out the application form

  • Fill out all the necessary information. (Make sure to double-check the spelling. This might result in failure in getting your birth certificate. Don’t waste your efforts.)
  • Put your maiden name if you are already a married woman.
  • For another person’s PSA Birth Certificate, state your relationship. It should be on the last part of the application form. 

 Please remember this:

Authorization letter and Valid IDs of the owner and authorized representative. These are always a must. 

Parents, spouse and direct descendant or legal guardian is in charge for minors. This is according to the Child and Youth Welfare Code (P.D. 603)

If you filled it out, click the “Save” button.

A box will appear confirming if all your details are correct. Read it all over again. If you want to change something, you are free to change or edit your information. Click the “Change/Edit” button. Once you’re done, click the “Confirm” button. 


5. Add another request (this step is optional. You can skip to the next step)

  • To add another request, click on the buttons above. (Birth Certificate, CENOMAR, Marriage Certificate, and Death Certificate)
  • If you’re done with your application, click the “Submit” button.


6. Payment of the PSA Birth Certificate

After submission, acknowledgement page will appear. It will show your batch request number.

Now choose your preferred payment and delivery options.

If you are going to pay over the counter, you are to print two copies of the acknowledgment page. One for your personal copy and the other for the bank where you will make payment. (The acknowledgment page is also sent to your email)


You can pay through any of the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Banco De Oro (BDO Branches, BDO Online Banking, BDO ATM)
  • UnionBank (UnionBank Branches, UnionBank Online Banking, UnionBank ATM
  • Bayad Center

7.  At last, wait for delivery!


You can go to the Delivery Page to know when your document will arrive.

You can also check the status of your request on the PSA Serbilis home page.

Your courier will deliver your PSA Birth Certificate in a span of 3-13 working days. It means after you have paid depending on your delivery address and type of document.

Yet, if your PSA Birth Certificate is bound abroad, you will receive it in 6-8 weeks. Of course, it is after payment through PhilPost registered mail.


What is

It is an online service portal run by Pilipinas Teleserv, an accredited partner of the PSA. Authorized by the PSA, they can accept online requests for PSA-authenticated certificates.

How to Get a Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate or CENOMAR Online via PSA Helpline

Want to know how to get a PSA birth certificate or a CENOMAR online? Here are the steps:

1. Order Your Certificate Online

  1. Click the Order Now button at the top menu bar of the homepage.
  2. Choose the type of PSA certificate you need.
  3. Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Click the Continue button.
  4. Select option under “Are you requesting for your own Certificate or for someone else?” and then click the Continue button.
  5. Fill out the PSA online application form.
  6. Provide your contact details and delivery address. Review the information on the order confirmation page. Click the Continue button.
  7. Click your preferred payment channel. You’ll see the instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

2. Pay for the Fee Online or Over the Counter

How much are the PSA online services for PSAHelpline? charges ₱365 per copy of birth, marriage, or death certificate. A copy of CENOMAR costs ₱420.

PSA Helpline payment options

PSAHelpline has various online and over-the-counter payment channels nationwide to choose from.

Online payments are in real-time. The posting of over the counter payments at 4 a.m. the next day. BancNet ATM payments get posted within one to two days.

PSA Helpline online payment channels

  • Bayad Online (through website or mobile app)
  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Dragonpay
  • GCash
  • Maya

How to pay PSA Helpline online via credit card

  1. On the upper right part of the PSA Helpline homepage, click the Payment Options tab.
  2. Select the Credit Card – Pay Now option.
  3. Enter your 10-digit reference number and then click the Proceed button.
  4. Enter your credit card details. When you’re done, click the Complete Order button.

How to pay PSA Helpline online via GCash

  1. On the upper right part of the PSA Helpline homepage, click the Payment Options tab.
  2. Select the GCash – Pay Now option.
  3. Enter your 10-digit reference number and then click the Proceed button.
  4. Enter your mobile number that’s registered with GCash and MPIN.
  5. You’ll see the amount due and the merchant’s name Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.
  6. Proceed with the payment. After which you’ll receive an email and SMS as payment confirmation.

How to pay PSA Helpline online via Maya

  1. Open the Maya app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap “Pay Bills.”
  3. Select “Philippine Statistics Authority” as the biller.
  4. Enter your reference number and the amount to pay.
  5. Tap “Send.”

PSA Helpline over-the-counter payment channels

  • BancNet ATM
  • Bayad stores
  • Dragonpay
  • 7-Eleven
  • Palawan Pawnshop

How to pay PSA Helpline over the counter

  1. Visit the nearest branch of the PSA Helpline payment partner.
  2. Fill out a payment slip with the following details: – Company/Biller name – Reference/Account number: Your 10-digit reference number from PSAHelpline – Account name/Payor’s name: Name of the requesting party
  3. Submit the accomplished payment slip to the teller or cashier. Of course that is along with your payment.
  4. Get your validated payment slip.

How to pay PSA Helpline at 7-Eleven

  1. Visit the nearest 7-Eleven store.
  2. On the CLiQQ touchscreen machine, tap “Bills Payment.”
  3. Type “PSAHelpline” on the search bar.
  4. Fill out the required details and tap the Next button.
  5. Get the payment slip from the machine.
  6. Approach the cashier, present the slip, and pay the amount. There’s no extra convenience fee for this.

How to pay PSA Helpline via BancNet ATM

  1. Using any BancNet ATM, select “Bills Payment” > “NSOHelpline Plus” or “PSAHelpline”.
  2. Type your reference number.
  3. Input the amount to pay.
  4. Confirm payment.
  5. Get your transaction receipt.

3. Wait for Your Document Delivery

How many days does PSA Helpline take to deliver PSA certificates?

After payment, PSAHelpline will deliver PSA-authenticated certificates within three to four working days. That is if you are within Metro Manila. It should be three to eight working days outside of Metro Manila.

PSA Helpline Tracking: How to Track Your Order Online

  1. On the homepage, click the Check Status tab. Go to
  2. Enter your order reference number.
  3. Click the Check Status button.
  4. View your order status. The Check Status page has a short description per status.

PSAHelpline vs PSA Serbilis: Which is the Better Option?

Both PSA Serbilis and are good options for hassle-free processing. The right PSA online application service for you depends on your needs. PSA Helpline offers a faster delivery time.

PSA Serbilis is your option for overseas address delivery. PSAHelpline delivers documents within the Philippines only. Unlike PSA Serbilis that allows delivery nationwide and abroad.

When it comes to payments, PSA Serbilis offers a wider variety of options. This is especially online channels. It depends on the type of certificate you requested.

If you’ll apply for a birth, marriage, or death certificate online, use PSA Serbilis. Each copy is cheaper by ₱35. But if you need a CENOMAR, PSA Helpline offers a lower price (₱10 cheaper per copy).


PSA online is a much better option for the Filipino community. The convenience is worth the price tag. With a PSA online application, you don’t need to take an absence from work. There is no need to spend an entire day to get your needed documents. The most important is that you can secure your documents with only a few clicks.

Yet, if you want to save money then walk-in application at PSA Serbilis Center is still a practical option. You can get your PSA certificate within the day or the next working day.

PSA walk-in application fees are also lower compared to the PSA online delivery price. It’s only ₱155 for each copy of birth, marriage, and death certificates and ₱210 per CENOMAR copy.

Remember that the PSA now implements an online appointment system. Make sure to book online at the PSA website before you visit a PSA Serbilis branch. You can immediately transact if you have confirmed appoint. Goodluck!