How to Get PSA Certificates Online in a Hurry and Convenient Way?

How to Get PSA Certificates Online in a Hurry and Convenient Way? Using the is the answer

PSA certificates are a Filipino citizen’s birth, marriage, and death certificates that have been kept. These certificates serve as the foundation for determining each Filipino’s legal status. It’s really useful to know if all of the information on your local birth certificate is the same. How do I get a PSA certificate online?

1. Go to the website. Is a legitimate website? The helpline is an online facility authorized by the Philippine Statistics Authority, also known as PSA. PSA makes your request certificates easy and fast release like live birth, certificate of marriage, certificate of no marriage or CENOMAR, and death certificate. On the left side of the homepage, you can see the estimated number of days for how long it will take to deliver the documents after payment. You can see on the right-hand side the three (3) easy steps to getting your certificate.

2. To begin with your request, now click “Get Started.” Choose which PSA certificates you will be getting (birth, marriage, CENOMAR, or death certificate). As you can choose the certificate you want to request, you’ve decided to request a birth certificate. You select “Birth Certificate” and then “Continue.”

3. Then, on the certificate, you fill in the information of the person requesting the certificate, fill in the required facts, and click “Continue.” Finally, type in the mother’s maiden name and click “Continue.” To ensure that the information has been input correctly, double-click the details. Choose the number of copies you want, then check the box next to “I accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy,” then click “Continue.”

4. After you’ve decided how many copies you want, move on to the payment choices. You may click the payment center you’ve more convenient for you. Let’s say 711. You’ll find a payment instruction that will walk you through how to pay the 711 utilizing the dot click. It’s the reference number you’ll need when making a payment. As a result, you’ll be able to see the total amount of your request. Click pay using 711.

5. The request for a PSA has been submitted online. The certificate fee is now visible, as well as a delivery reminder. Go to, click status, enter the reference number, and then click check status to check the status of your certificate. Once your request PSA certificate has been paid. You’ll receive it after 7 days.

Steps on How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Online

Each PSA certificate costs 365 pesos for birth, marriage, and death certificates, and 420 pesos for CENOMAR. Take note that they’re higher than the actual PSA certificates prices because you’ve already paid the service cost and the courier price. But it’s still worth it to me because we won’t have to make an appointment or wait in line. It’s the same if you’re going to the facility; you’ll have to pay for gas or transportation. It’s the ease of use that you’re paying for. What are you still waiting for? Get your PSA certificates by visiting PSA with your tablet, cellphone, laptop, or computer. – Doki | Helpline PH