Why is it wonderful to become a teacher?

Why is it wonderful to become a teacher?

There are many professions in the whole world yet, the one that is most wonderful and fulfilling for me is a TEACHER.  When I was still in elementary, I never thought of any other profession when I grow up except of being a teacher. It maybe because I saw my teachers before doing things that motivated me to become one today. When I started high school, my dream of being a teacher keeps getting stronger, Then, when I entered college I made up my mind and enrolled in education, and that was my journey and the reason why I am one now.

This article is for those who are still trying to weigh things whether to enroll in education or not. Read the whole article and try to think wisely why being a teacher is the most wonderful profession.

❖ When you become a teacher, you become a friend, a sister, a brother, a parent, and a family which means that your students will think highly of you as the one they can lean upon in the four walls of the classroom. This feeling is very fulfilling and it warms your soul as a teacher.

❖ You will learn different things aside from giving lessons and doing your lesson plans. Lessons in real life are worth learning and sharing.

❖ You will touch the lives of many individuals just by giving them your support and advises. You will never know when your student is motivated by how you treat them and in return make you as a role model to become successful in life (because this is what I did too ☺).

❖ The experiences you gain as an educator is worth keeping for the rest of your life.

❖ You become a leader and you will try to understand how is it to run people with respect and honor (you are handling different students with different personalities with estimated 40-50 students per classroom, a bit tough but enjoyable and thrilling☺)

❖ You will learn to manage your time and eventually make your own system on how to fulfill you goals as a teacher.

❖ As an educator, you will also learn different subjects (lol..because there are times when you will be assigned to teach a certain subject because of the lack of workforce). You will experience teaching other fields as well and realize that other subjects are also wonderful and challenging.

❖ You will be trained physically, mentally and emotionally. There are many aspects in becoming a teacher that will also teach you in return the lessons of life.

❖ You will also learn how to get together and deal with your co-teachers, colleagues and acquaintances in a professional manner.

❖ Though it is true that a teacher is a stressful career but for me, it depends on you as a professional on how you deal with stress, since all jobs can be stressful. Time management will really be the least you can do.

❖ You will also learn financial management in creating a budget (lol…a teacher’s salary is not enough but you will make it enough for your other finances).

❖ You will experience becoming a coach, an official and have lots of training as well (if you are good enough in your field, then you will be given the chance to do research) which is way interesting and thrilling.

❖ In short, a teacher’s life is fun and it is filled with memories that you can pass on to your students that definitely won’t be forgotten.

To all teachers out there who are reading this article, be thankful since you are once. Not all education graduates become teachers immediately other it took them 10 years to become one. Lucky for us because we can experience all kinds of involvements which other professions will never have. – Clea | Helpline PH