Top 4 absolute topics in education noted by VP Sara on her latest interview

Top 4 absolute topics in education noted by VP Sara on her latest interview

Here are the top 4 topics in education mentioned/noted by VP Sarah Duterte on her speech. 

1. Teachers Increase

One of the topics in education she mentioned was the increase of the teachers. According to her, PBBM already committed to the last tranche of the increase in 2023. This increase was the last one of the increase given by PRRD from 201–2023. 

The sad news is that they don’t know if there will be another increase in the next years to come. According to VP Sarah, DOLE said that there will be problems if the government will push increase. There is a big disparity of the increase from the private versus the public. This will create undue pressure to private schools forcing them to close. VP Sarah further said that DOLE recommended focusing on the non-wage benefits.

2. Paperworks

Of the topics in education, this one hits the mark with the paperworks teachers have at present. VP Sarah said teachers are not CPA graduates so they shouldn’t do the liquidations. She said she will discuss with the central office to lessen the paperworks of the teachers.

3. Loans

Very on point with her observations on this matter. According to VP Sarah, she doesn’t supposed to care on the won financial status of the teachers. Yet, it is her moral obligation to do something about the problem as she is the DepEd Secretary. She said that she talked to the PLIs to have seminar first before enticing teachers to borrow money. Financial education sis important according to her. 

4. GSIS Payables

One of the topics in education that is very important is GSIS payables. VP Sarah said that almost half of the members of GSIS are teachers so she contacted GSIS. She said that if GSIS will not do something about their poor service, they will do something. Teachers are unhappy with the poor service GSIS is giving. GSIS only promise to make ways to improve their services to all their beneficiaries.

These are the four topics in education VP Sarah noted in her latest speech. Teachers hoped to get more updates on these matters the soonest. – Avril | Helpline PH