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Teacher’s expectations this teacher’s day celebration: Top 5 things that they want to have

Teacher’s expectations this teacher’s day celebration

It has been a tradition that October is known to be the month for teachers all across the globe. Otherwise known as Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated to appreciate the efforts of our dear teachers.

In the Philippines, it is a traditional celebration and it is by this time that teachers can expect more surprises from their beloved students. It is this time of the year wherein all the joyful tears of the students and teachers will be shed altogether. It is, therefore, a happy day for all educators and a lot of food will also be served which is also a part of the student’s effort to make their teachers happy even just for one day specifically on October 5.

The DepEd educators are the biggest group composed of teachers from kindergarten, the primary, and of course the secondary education will also itself ignite themselves in celebrating this momentous and happy occasion with their students every year but since there is a hindrance to the celebration because of the pandemic, then maybe there are some adjustments as to how this will be celebrated but instead of the traditional way of celebrating it, since the students cannot come and celebrate with them, the teachers are opting to wait for something this coming teachers’ month.

In line with the incoming celebration, these are the Top 5 things that teachers would like to have this coming Teacher’s Day celebration:


Last year, teachers received their bonus for the celebration. It was not that of a big amount but it surely helped most of the needs that teachers all over the country have. This year, they are more ager and patiently waiting for the said bonus if ever there is a budget from the higher office. This is of course in a monetary form and this will surely make the faces of our dear teachers be lift up with happiness.


Last year, since there was no pandemic so all teachers were given the whole day to celebrate the event with their lovable students. It was the time where they were really pampered with care by their students so all of them just relaxed and ate what their students have prepared for them. It was also the time they got to bond with other teachers since it was a day intended for their happiness only. This time, since we are facing a pandemic crisis, it may be a simple celebration that will be celebrated by the teachers only on their own campuses wherein they get to bond with each other doing things they want. But of course, it will be impossible since we are now practicing the social distancing method so, I guess a free day is an option. It will be a sort of “day off” to them which means at home for relaxation.


It would also be nice if they will still be treated or given a day for just pure relaxation. It means there will be a free day time for them not to think of all the school duties and functions. It will be fun if there is a free day!


If there are other incentives that will make the teachers happy then of course it will in the form of other bonuses apart from the ones that will be given for the year-end.


I think the most important gift the teachers would want to have this teachers’ month is the possibility of having to receive “new printers” for their modules. Even though it is a celebration intended for their happiness but still they are thinking about the welfare of their students and that is through having printers that can help them ease the burden of having to cope up with the bulk of the modules they are going to reproduce for their learners.

These are just some of the teachers’ wishes to have this coming Teacher’s Day celebration. It will somehow be happier if these listed above will really be real in the future. – Alec | Helpline PH

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    1. Kailan po ba ang bakasyon Jamin. Kasi wala kaming bakasyon. Binabayaran daw po kami ng government. Kahit sabado at linggo. Sad to say. Overwork na po kami. We are in pandamic peri araw araw along nagrereport sa school.

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