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3RD QUARTER SELF-LEARNING MODULES (SLMs) Are out and ready for reproduction from kinder to grade 12


After one week of seminar, the teachers are now getting ready for the next quarter. Teachers are patient in waiting for the soft copies of the SLMs for the third quarter. The central office handles the source links of these modules in every subject. These modules are bound for reproduction for later distribution. The students need these modules. Students those who live near coastal or those in the upland areas need it most. Those students who don’t have access to the internet are the target user of the modules. Those households that have an active internet can access the SLMs online or offline.

In the meantime, the 3rd Quarter Self-Learning Modules are out already. The long wait is finally over. Teachers are getting busy for the reproduction of these modules for distribution. Next Friday is the expected date of distribution of these modules to the students. In this view, we are sharing to you the link source of the SLMs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please use your DepEd email account for easy download of the files. It is more convenient to use a laptop for easy access. We recommend you opening the link in the chrome browser if you wish to use your phone.

Below are the 3rd Quarter Self-Learning Modules from Kinder to Grade 12:

Kindergarter – Download

Grade 1 – Download

Grade 2 – Download

Grade 3 – Download

Grade 4 – Download

Grade 5 – Download

Grade 6 – Download

Grade 7 – Download

Grade 8 – Download

Grade 9 – Download

Grade 10 – Download

SHS – Download

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these modules. We can only share with you the link source of the files. Please understand that unauthorized uploads of digital files of the modules is strictly forbidden. Any illegal acts shall be grounds for administrative case and or other sanctions. These modules were uploaded in drives of other parties. We share it to you for educational purposes ONLY.

If you wish that these modules be removed from this website, please contact us immediately.