Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC)

Most Essential Learning Competencies

The MELCs shall serve as the primary reference of all Schools, Schools Division Offices (SDOs) and Regional Offices (ROs) in determining and implementing learning delivery approaches that are suited to the local context and diversity of learners, while adapting to the challenges posed by COVID – 19.

According, ROs, SDOs and schools need not create a new list of learning competencies for the different learning areas since these are already available through the MELCs, Schools, SDOs and ROs are encourage to supplement the MELCS through their enhancement and contextualization. Please note that the task of preparing modules (self – learning kits) based on the contextualized MELCS is expected to be carried out mainly by the supervisors, specialist, and selected Master Teachers.

Starting June 1, 2020, teachers shall be tasked to prepare weekly Learning Activity Sheets, participate in capacity building activities in managing multi – modal learning delivery options, assist in orienting parents on effective facilition of home – based learning, prepare learners for the formal start of classes, and gather data on the specific context of their learners (access to technological gadgets, capacity of learners for independent learning, etc.).

To  reiterate, the ROs, SDOs and schools need not create a new list of learning competencies for the different learning areas since there is already an available list of MELCs. They are only encouraged to supplement the MELCS.

The ROs are highly encourage to continue developing self – learning modules for ADM for the grade level/ learning area they are assigned to work on . They shall ensure that each competency in the identified MELCS shall have corresponding self – learning module.

Once done with the materials for the first four weeks of the coming school year, ROs are expected to submit such materials to the Bureau of Learning Delivery/ Bureau of Learning Resources for conversion to degital formats and uploading in the DepEd Commons and LR Portal. The submission of the learning materials for the succeeding months will be done until all MELCs are covered.

Read the MEMORANDUM DM-CI-2020-000



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