Master Teachers: The Importance of Examinations before Promotion

Master Teachers: The Importance of Examinations before Promotion

Why is it better for teachers to undergo an examination first before being promoted to Master Teacher?

We all know that becoming a Master Teacher is not simply achieved. It is something that is prepared and saved for. The term Master Teacher sounds pleasing, but in reality, it comes with responsibility.

In the past, reaching this pinnacle was somewhat challenging for ordinary teachers. There were fewer promotions compared to today, possibly due to different guidelines then and now.

At present, there are quite a number of teachers who aspire to become master teachers. Many are returning to school or pursuing a master’s degree to get promoted more easily. Most teachers probably notice the difference in salary. The salary of master teachers is somewhat higher than those below.

Now, some teachers want the applicants to go through an exam process before they are given promotions. Here are the reasons:

  1. The promotion is more valid if all applicants undergo an exam. Of course, it will be revealed here whether an applicant possesses the necessary qualities.
  2. Many are promoted based on “seniority,” but they are not deserving. There are a few who become master teachers but do not know how to live up to their title.
  3. There are guidelines to follow, so it’s okay for younger ones to apply. The important thing here is to meet the guidelines for inclusion. There are some young teachers who have completed their master’s degree.
  4. The ranking is fairer if all applicants undergo an exam. All qualifying applicants should indeed be excellent.
  5. An exam is better to avoid applicants who get in because of connections. Many are currently taking advantage of this.
  6. The exam is also a way so that no one else can say anything. It is fairer, and if there are points needed, they will be based on paperwork. It can still be said that the older ones have the advantage because of the number of their certificates. Training and seminars are also a plus factor.

In all circumstances, fairness is indeed better to avoid issues. The exam is only a tool for the concerned to work harder.

All teachers have the right to promotion. Just remember that good timing is always better. If you think you’re still not ready, study more and don’t waste time. Being a master teacher is not a competition. It is a responsibility that should be properly assumed for the benefit of the students and the school. Avril | Helpline PH