How important is “LOAN REFUND” for the public school teachers?

How important is “LOAN REFUND” for the public school teachers?

In view of the pandemic that everybody is facing at present, another Bayanihan act was signed by the president and it will refund two months of the loans the teachers have in both the public and private loaning institutions. While different reactions have been popping out from the teachers, some are negative on this but mostly positive because for sure it will be in advantage to those who are not receiving much of their salary due to more loans. Some teachers say that this will just add to the interest accrued during the two month’s time that this will be refunded but the majority is happy upon hearing about the refund.

How important really is this refund to every teacher? Below are the lists of the importance of this loan refund:

1. It will help the teachers cope up with financial needs during this pandemic time.

2. It will lessen the burden of the teachers to look for means where to get the money to buy the basic necessities for the family.

3. It will hinder the teachers from availing more loans from other institutions since the refund will be in the full amount of the salary for the month intended.

4. Teachers can keep a little amount from their refund for emergency use (if the need arises).

5. There is no need for those teachers assigned in the rural areas to come to the city to avail of some more loans.

6. Those small debts can be settled without the problem of getting into another debt just to settle the other one.

7. Finally, it will just be a total advantage for those teachers who have only Php5,000 net pay in their payslip. I think you already know what I mean on this.

If there are advantages in this loan refund thing, there are also disadvantages but who cares for the disadvantages when you only think of surviving in the present. That is most likely what is meant by surviving now, find for ways later. The most important thing is our family survived at this time of the pandemic.

It is hoped that this refund will take effect for the months of October and November this year. Teachers are hoping to immediately receive the refunds as soon as possible. Two months refund means a lot to those who are struggling financially and at this rate, this refund is a life-saver to them. – Clea | Helpline PH