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It’s About Time To Restore GMRC Subject

It’s About Time To Restore GMRC Subject

We can always remember the Good Manners and Right Conduct we learned from school before. We were always told to say “mano po” as we touch our foreheads to the hands of our elders as a sign of our deep respect. Whenever we see our teachers who are having a hard time with their bags and even with that Ice Candy Box our teachers would always bring to their classrooms, we can feel that sense of urgency to help them with their bags.  Sometimes we even fight because almost everyone would love to carry the teacher’s bag. We treat them with high respect.

Whenever we go home we would never fail to say “mano po” to our parents and elders. Speaking against our parents and teachers was like a crime already back then. It’s like you dishonor your whole clan if you do so. It’s like you are being an ungrateful child or “Walang utang na loob”

When GMRC or Good Manners and Right Conduct was removed many years ago, the only subject that teaches about values and how to be a morally upright being was also lost. It became worst when students were introduced to different Social Media Platforms where they learned that if you travel and look good or sexy then you had a good life and everyone should feel envy with your lifestyle and all other shallow things about life. They forgot what matters in life like their real-life friends and family. They become fanatics of pretty faces on Social Media and envy the lifestyle of a celebrity. Instead of focusing on improving themselves, they become vain and sometimes they think that their parents should provide all their “luho” in life. If they did not get what they want they already feel depressed and sometimes commit suicide. They get depressed over things that do not make any sense just because they failed to achieve that Ootd ( Outfit of the Day) their influencer wore on a fashion show. It’s alarming that these shallow and shiny things get so much of their attention.  It seems they forgot the true meaning of life and that they should focus first on improving their selves and helping their family instead of pretending to be someone else who is good-looking, famous, and privileged. They become a slave for the likes and shares on Social Media from people they do not know and do not care for them.

Now it’s high time for these youngsters to know deeper how to become a good daughter, son, student, sibling, and whatever role they have on Earth. They should learn to acknowledge their mistakes without a sense of entitlement as if they knew everything and that they are right. They may have more knowledge about advanced technology but that does not give them a single reason to be arrogant and disrespect their elders. Sure, they can express their opinions but they should also be prepared to accept constructive criticism and change their sometimes unpleasant behavior. When we were little not a day goes by that we are not being told or scolded by our parents about our wrong behavior, and we just accept it without saying negative things at the back of our parents because we knew that there will be repercussions. We knew that there will be punishment and that there are rules to be followed for our safety. Our parents and teachers may not be perfect but they knew better than us and that is the reason why they are strict with the rules at home and in school.

Their responsibility as a teacher and parent is so big that it overwhelms them and sometimes affects their judgment and while that is true it does not give the young generation the right to mock them. While it is true that the elders hold the responsibility of instilling good values to the young ones, the young generation needs also to learn a very important lesson that they are always accountable for their mistakes.

Building the character of a person is difficult. They say” it takes a village to raise a child” and that is so true. So bringing back the GMRC is an excellent move to educate the young ones on the strong foundation of a good character that will define who they will become in the future. The future belongs to them so if we fail to educate them to become better then our hopes for a better future for our children will be nothing. Karie | Helpline PH