Who are exempted from wearing DepEd prescribed uniforms?

Exempted from wearing DepEd prescribed uniforms

The Department of Education released their four new sets of uniforms for teachers and non-teaching personnel based on DepEd Memorandum No. 16, s. 2021.

Find out below if who are exempted from wearing these uniforms.

The following personnel are exempted from wearing the prescribed uniforms:

a. School officials who occupy third level positions in the Career Executive Service (CES);

b. Medical and Dental staff who shall wear their profession’s uniforms;

c. Janitors, utility and maintenance personnel who shall wear appropriate working attire;

d. Legal officers, i.e. lawyers/attorneys, whose nature of work require a different dress code;

e. Teaching and non-teaching personnel with physical disabilities and other legitimate health reasons; f. Pregnant employees who shall wear maternity dresses during their period of pregnancy; and

g. Teaching and non-teaching personnel who are in mourning may wear the appropriate mourning clothes.

For more information, read Guidelines on the New DepEd National Uniform for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel (DepEd Memorandum No. 16, s. 2021)