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Guidelines on the New DepEd National Uniform for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

DepEd National Uniform for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

The Department of Education (DepEd) announces the adoption of the four new sets of DepEd national uniform designs for teaching and two new national uniform designs for non-teaching personnel starting the transition period of the School Year (SY) 2021-2022. The Executive Committee has set the guidelines based on the recommendation of the DepEd Uniform Committee (DUC) composed of teaching and non-teaching employee organizations with the following considerations:

a. General availability of the textile materials in the market;

b. Comfort and durability of the textile materials;
(The quality of the fabric should be adaptable to the weather conditions and the environment of concerned personnel.)

c. Over-all look of the design of the uniform; and

(The design should be presentable, convey modesty and integrity, and should be in its simplest form to allow unrestricted movement.)

d. Skin tone, age, body built will also be considered in the design.

In consideration with the current crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continuing implementation of the blended learning delivery and alternative working arrangements in the Department, SY 2021 2022 shall be considered a “transition period” to allow ample time for employees to prepare and purchase new set of prescribed uniforms. To facilitate the transition period, employees can still wear their old uniforms this coming SY 2021-2022. But starting SY 2022- 2023, all teaching and non-teaching personnel shall wear the prescribed new set of uniforms.

Only the approved national uniforms should be used by both teaching and non­ teaching personnel. There shall be no regional and schools division uniforms as to have uniformity across all offices.

No specific fabric will be prescribed, for as long as the fabric used will follow the guidelines with the design set.

The teaching and non-teaching personnel from central, regional, division and schools are free to purchase and obtain the prescribed uniform materials from any available source that comply with the standards set. On the other hand. Employee cooperatives or associations / organizations are encouraged to offer the prescribed DepEd uniform materials to their teaching or non-teaching personnel members subject to their consent in order to avail of a more reasonable/discounted price and facilitate uniformity of colors/material of uniform to be purchased.

All concerned must send to the DepEd Central Office (CO) a written report of any DepEd official or employee who compels or coerces teaching and non-teaching personnel to purchase the uniform materials from a specific source, including the official himself/ herself.

This is to reiterate and inform all concerned that it has not endorsed, accredited nor authorized any particular supplier to approach the central, regional and division offices to declare himself/herself as the exclusive distributor of the textile materials for the DepEd uniforms. Any uniform supplier who visits DepEd offices and uses the undersigned or any official in the CO in trying to get a deal for the supply of the DepEd uniforms must be reported to the Office of the Secretary Attention: DepEd Uniform Committee.

Modification or adjustments on the prescribed uniforms (e.g. long sleeves instead of short sleeves, skirts, instead of pants for the female employees) to conform with religious, social, and cultural requirements or any legitimate practice related thereto shall be allowed.

The following personnel are exempted from wearing the prescribed uniforms:

a. School officials who occupy third level positions in the Career Executive Service (CES);

b. Medical and Dental staff who shall wear their profession’s uniforms;

c. Janitors, utility and maintenance personnel who shall wear appropriate working attire;

d. Legal officers, i.e. lawyers/attorneys, whose nature of work require a different dress code;

e. Teaching and non-teaching personnel with physical disabilities and other legitimate health reasons; f. Pregnant employees who shall wear maternity dresses during their period of pregnancy; and

g. Teaching and non-teaching personnel who are in mourning may wear the appropriate mourning clothes.

The prescribed new set of DepEd national uniform for teaching personnel shall be as follows:

The prescribed new set of DepEd national uniform for non-teaching personnel shall be as follows:

The schedule for wearing the new set of uniforms listed below should be followed.

a. For Teaching Personnel

Designs A for Male and Female – Monday

Designs B for Male and Female – Tuesday

Designs C for Male and Female – Wednesday

Designs D for Male and Female – Thursday

b. For Non-Teaching Personnel

Designs E for Male and Female – Monday and Wednesday

Designs F for Male and Female – Tuesday and Thursday

c. Wearing of blazer or coat is optional.

d. Appropriate office clothes may be worn on uniform-free Fridays.

Based on these provisions, the Designs and Sketches with color specification of the DepEd National Uniforms are enclosed for reference.

The annual clothing and uniform allowance in the amount of Six Thousand Pesos (P6,000) or to whichever amount that shall be appropriated in the succeeding budget years for this purpose, shall be released to all eligible personnel not earlier than the first working day of April of the current year, subject to existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations, and upon the release of the Notice of Cash Allocation from DBM.

Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

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For more information, read Guidelines on the New DepEd National Uniform for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel (DepEd Memorandum No. 16, s. 2021)