Top 10 Reasons Why DepEd Should Hire Competent Principals

Reasons Why DepEd Should Hire Competent Principals

Every public school in the Philippines needs a competent principal. A principal who can act with authority and fair in his/her judgments. The pillar that is the epitome of all his/her subordinates who is ready to extend both his hands for all teachers. A competent principal is not only excellent in papers but is as well good in character. He/she should be also a defender and a good speaker for he/she will soon speak for his/her subordinates.

Here are the top 10 reasons why DepEd should hire competent principals in every school:

1. Competent principals will make a good school impression.

First impression should always last in the public schools. The impression that will imprint on the parents should always be positive.

2. A school should stand as one, united without any troubles.

Unity and cooperation are two major things needed to run a successful public school. Without these, everything is useless.

3. A competent principal means a good leader to all who is fair.

He/she should always be fair to all teachers and will not tolerate mistakes. A good leader is always respected by many.

4. Visitors may come and go and the voice of the principal is always important.

At such instances where events are not plan ahead, the command of the leader is always what will happen.

5. Authority and power is the foundation of a competent school.

Principals should exercise authority over his/her teachers. He/she should not be brainwash by others. Decision making is very important when it comes to this matter.

6. Principals are the defender of the school.

As a leader, the principal should defend their school-related problems. He/she must defend the school in all circumstances.

7. The salary of a principal should suffice his/her duties and responsibilities.

After all, the salary of a principal is high. They must perform their task as principals very well and not delegate their work. They must be very active in service all the time.

8. A school with a competent principal will never look lousy.

Teachers will also learn to make use of their time regardless of the time limit. Lousiness is never in the dictionary.

9. Teachers will look up to their principal and confide their work-related problems.

Teachers need principals who can understand them unlike those who are not capable of it.

10. A great, competent principal is the mirror of a certain school.

Boomerang is what we call if the principal is great. Great teachers are the line-up of the best principals.

The standard in choosing the best principal should always be at its peak. The bulk of the documents submitted during the ranking should meet expectations. It means that to choose the right, competent leaders, character and skills are vital. – Avril | Helpline PH