Test on Correct Grammar in English Part 3

Direction: Choose the best answer from the choices given
1. Most people in the mountains still follow the ___________ways of farming, that is why their harvest is not abundant.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
a. primitive
b. mechanical
c. traditional 
d. non-scientific   
ans: a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
2. The audience can’t help but admiring  the top Five Finalist during the Miss Universe                                                                                            
                         A             B       C                                           D
Pageant. No error.
A. A
b. B
c. C
d. E
ans: b
3. The measure of choosing well is whether or not man likes what he______________                                                                                    
a. chose
b. has chosen
c. choose
d. is choosing
ans: b
4. Professional marketing consultants know their products thoroughly and _______________.
a. study market trends
b. they analyze market trends
c. analyze market trends
d. realize better market trends
ans: c
5. The family of Ms. Victoria  Sanchez does not live here____________
a. no more
b. any more
c. anymore   
d. any longer
ans: c

6. Almost two thirds of the population today __________poor.
a. is
b. are
c. has been
d. were
ans: a
7. As the conductor left the_________, the audience clamored for more.
a. platform
b. podium
c. stage
d. stand
ans: a
8. The _________ that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with computers than boys.
a. studies revealing
b. studies reveal
c. studies revealed
d. studies have been
ans: c
9. “He has been absent for three days because he is_________ measles.”
a. affected
b. afflicted with
c. afflicted off
d. affected with
ans: d
10. __________ to our appeal for consideration. The Board of Discipline will not give us any extension for filling additional evidence.
11. Everyone in the field of entertainment _________ to watch the FAMAS Awards .
a. was excited
b. were certainly excited
c. is certainly excited
d. are certainly excited
ans: c
12. After 8 fruitful years. Antonio finally quit his job. He __________ along with his Immediate boss a long time before he finally decided to look for a new job.
a. didn’t get
b. isn’t getting
c. hasn’t been getting
d. hadn’t been getting
ans: c
13. Many years of intensive language study are required for immigrant speakers. Antonio __________ French for 3 years, but he still need more training before he masters it.
a. will have been studying
b. will be studying
c. has been studying
d. have been studying
ans: c
14. You wouldn’t want to be late for the interviewer, __________ ?
a. won’ t your
b. will you
c. don’t you
d. would you
ans: d
15.Historically, therefore. __________ must be no let in the pursuit of the solution.
a. there ‘ll
b. they’re
c. there
d. their
ans: c
16. Uncle Pido bought the camping gear for Robert the final long distances competition?
a. mine
b. myself
c. me
d. I
ans: c
17. Have you __________enough water today before the final long distance competition?
a. drink
b. drunken
c. drank
d. drunk
ans: d
18. The DENR Secretery and the MMDA Chairman ___________ going to lead the campaign against the smoke-belchers along EDSA this coming Monday.
a. is both
b. were
c. are
d. will be
ans: c
19. “History is the witness that __________ passing of time.
a. testifies the
b. testifies for
c. will testify for
d. will testify
ans: b
20. The “Home Office Module” greatly benefits single mothers from running their business because they can stay home, make money and _________ a variety of people.
a. get tp meet
b. to meet
c. meet
d.be meeting
ans: c
21.Which cnstraction is the correct form as used in the following sentences?
a. He knew its a sin to tell a lie
b. He knew it’s a sin to tell a lie
c. He know its a sin to tell a lie
d. He knew it a sin to tell a lie
ans: b
22. _________ dates are irrelevant to her case being heard by Judge Dela Cruz.
a. This
b. These
c. That
d. Those
ans: d
23. The convicted criminal will be __________ the day after tomorrow.
a. hanged
b. hang
c. hunged
d. hanging
ans: a
24. Which of the following sentences use the word “elicit” correctly?
a. the judge did not believe the elicited response.
b. The answer was drawn through elicit means.
c. The judge slowly elicited the answers from the writers.
d. The answer elicited false
ans: a
25. The terms of reference will not __________ these regulations no matter how you protest.
a. exempt you from
b. give exemptions to
c. exclude you from
d. exempt
ans: a
26. “Where were you when the President arrived?
a. “I am sorry for the incident.”
b. “I enjoy watching the program”
c. “I accompanied her to concert”
d. “I was at the Library borrowing books”
ans: d
27. Our heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio are worth  __________.
a. role-modelling
b. companing
c. idolizing
d. Our heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio are worth .
ans: d
28. The modern space explorers have gone __________ earlier explorers.
a. further from
b. farther from
c. farther on
d. farther than
ans: b
29. The sales clerk advised the costumer trying the clothes __________
a. “Do not try on the clothes before they are bought.”
b. “Do not try more clothes unless they are sold.”
c.  “Do not try on more clothes.”
d.  “Do not try on the clothes many times.”
ans: c
30. This digital video disc player is my sister’s . How about this?
a. This is his
b. This is of him
c. This is him
d. This is hers
ans: a
31. The local basketball players were supported by the Filipino-American imports. This group __________ efforts.
a. compliments team
b. complemented
c. complimented the team
d. completed the team
ans: c
32. After the onslaught of the floods triggered by Typhoon Ondoy, the residents from the affected areas __________ who relied on the culture of “bayanihan” for said and assistance.
a. were the ones
b. who were the ones
c. which were the ones
d. whom were the ones
ans: a
33. Most natural calamities happen in July and August. Students are sent home early __________.
a. to avoid missing the transport
b. to avoid getting
c. to avoid traffic jams
d. to avoid the flash floods
ans: d
34. The union members cannot __________ the kind of compensation plan they want.
a. agree on
b. agree to
c. agree with
d. get agree with
ans: a
35. Please ___________ the book with you the next time you come to my office.
a. bring
b. take
c. carry along
d. bring along
ans: a
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